Friday, 28 May 2010

an ideal world

what's your ideal world?
mine would be :-
a. an ideal world should have no babies lying around in garbage sites, dead or alive. They all should live in peace with their mummy and daddy and smile and let the whole world pinch their cutey cheeks.
b. an ideal world should give more mercy to teachers like me who has been treated badly by my students who did not see my efforts in teaching them and students who don't seem to care about how much guts i spend in order to make them better person. sigh.. my students, i still pray the best for you even though you think education is your last preferences (other than dating, smoking and dating again)
c. an ideal world should have no plastic bags.
d. an ideal world should stop the war between anyone, any country and anything.
e. an ideal world should give more chances to the poor, and should have no old folks' home. all gramma and granpa should be taken care of.

f. an ideal world is where i could do what i love, have a life on my own, without having the worry and cautious thoughts about what ppl would say if i do something, because i live in world where i am questioned on every single unusual action and ppl started to judge. don't you have a life on your own? can't you let ppl just be?

an ideal world is when every muslim sisters and brothers live together happily.

an ideal world is so out of reach.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

congratulations my boy

remember about me training track and field athletics in MSSD selesai, MSSK pulak ? well, the entry i told that
and takmau mssm kan?
well, we had MSSM coz one of my brilliant boy, Muhammad Faiz got it through, won a Gold and a Silver medal for the state, and he got to represent Kedah for 800m and 4x400m.

and he went all the way to Johor to run and run as fast as he could.
and he won a gangsa 4x400 for kedah. Alhamdulillah.
that's quite and achievement!
as coach, and manager (chewah) i was so proud of him.
unfortunately i was not there to witness him because, the state couldn't send sum teachers due to budget constraint.
from far, i prayed for him and alhamdulillah he made it this far.

congrats my boy.
make me proud again next year ok?

Saturday, 15 May 2010

happy teacher's day

sorry for all the wrong things that I do
sorry for all the incomplete notes i gave you
sorry for the misplaced books
sorry for forgetting my promises to you
sorry for not being a good, wonderful teacher for you

thanks for laughing at my unintentional jokes
thanks for the surprise birthday song, and remembering the day
thanks for holding my big pencil case and bringing it to class
thanks for washing all your athletics and netball jersey before returning them back to me
thanks for all the prayers so I will get married earlier
thanks for coming to tuition class even in the weekends.

sorry and thanks
for everything

you must be a wonderful student
then i should be better next time :)

miss nani

mi amor

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