Sunday, 22 November 2009

this bunch of people

this is the bunch of people whom i trust, love and miss.
i'll never turn you down :)

i post this picture
so you'll know
i have a family to watch over
and i know they are watching over me too
and so that
it won't be lost
if i reformat my laptop or something happen
unless the internet of the world just disabled

and to the effing damn ass who hates me so much
you know who you are
i dun effing need you
i have my family.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

this homey person

the days i went back home are always the best days in my life.
i have the urge of getting home early upon my arrival in klia or lcct
i dun want to take the shuttle to kl sentral and i took the expensive KLIA express instead
not cheap because it's RM35
yet i am willing to do it coz i wanna hurry home!
whan i arrived at home i felt something was wrong

then i realized. it's not the home
it's the people in it :(
mama and abah are fulfilling their haj
and there were only my sister and my bro.
oh, how i miss them

whatever la
all my prayers go to mama and abah and i hope they will perform the best and be blessed with 'haji mabrur'

(selit another story)
when i got on the erl i sat very near to three youths, 2 chinese and one indian guy
they chat loudly in english
telling all their experiences in beijing, and the great wall of china.
i enjoyed listening to them
and then i realised
i haven't been speaking english, literally (in chats)
the only English-es i use are when i was teaching.
and i realised that this could be bad for me.
no opportunity.
oh god.
it could have deteriorate the moment i get posted

dat's why i want reunion with my cohort 2
to be able to speak english
that's an addiction!

well, we'll see each other soon enuff, ok?

and to all my COMICS friends.
i'll be joining u guys for any movies now.
jum tgk karaoke? :)

cari pasal ke? ohhh..tak tau pun

bila ada orang cari pasal ngn aku
aku senyap je
pepandai ko la
ko memang pandai
carik pasal lagi
tulis lagi k
ko memang best lah
naikkan rating blog aku,

aku dah tau sape kau

sebab encik mat dah track down IP address
senang je pun
sebab encik mat kan hebat, blaja network security tu

aku dah tau sape kau
kedudukan kau
lokasi kau

tak sangka betul.
aku dh agak dah.

so kepada engkau
teruskan carik pasal ngan aku

dan lagi skali
aku tak terasa sikit pun
perangai tak matang, mana layan

(gelak besar sebab mengenangkan usaha ko yang sia2 untuk cari pasal ngn aku)

itu urusan ko ngan tuhan sekarang
malas amik port

Friday, 20 November 2009

i was like dat

ever wonder how time passed so quickly?
i never wonder how
but i just question why.
why do it has to move so quick
gimme more time to think about what i've done just now
or what i said to him
or what i wrote in my exercise book

time to time
and yet we wish that we could be married and all
confusing huh?

haha. wana show a picture of me when i was in primary school
dat was one of the best time in my life
i wish
we could be as cool as we were before
speaking hokkien plus english
and childish! :P

it's easy to guess which is me :P

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

my mum told me

sorry, for the rage i had to vomit in my previous entry.
well, you know, some patience has degrees.
for the person i called sial#n, thousand apologies.
(although i know you would not understand this entry. hahaha. pity you.)

my mum told me that
if i want happiness in life.
i have to love what i do.
I am Loving It :)

when i got 2 days medical leave yesterday,
many of my students smsed me asking how i was doing.
the price of loving.

i love you guys too my beautiful students. thanks for the care.
truly, mama's right.
i'm loving what i do and i'm loving the people in what i do as well

p/s. kalau teacher ada duit tahun depan kita g borong kat pasar malam lagi yea? :)

love you, love you!

lucu la kau ni

kepada pengunjung blog aku yang setia
tak payah la nak tunjuk poyo
nak kata aku tak best
nak kata aku belagak
nak kata aku gemuk
nak mengata aku buat onar di sekolah baru
nak kata aku suka mengata kat korang
nak kata aku cikgu baru hati busuk macam bangkai
nak kata aku macam sial

aku tau la kau sapa
aku tau la umur kau berapa
aku tau la kau ada degree tak
aku tau takat mana otak kau berfungsi
aku tau la kau memang hebat
aku tau kau memang cantik gila macam bidadari
jerawat seketul pun takdak kulit muka macam telur busuk
perfek macam tuhan
mulia macam rasul.

baca ni
i don't give a damn
ada aku kesah?

oh ya.
wahai sial#n,
aku lupa
terima kasih la
datang blog aku.
tulis banyak2.

aku dapat duit kalau orang tulis banyak2. wakakakaka.


p/s. lagi sekali. degree aku tetap laku kalau kau mengata aku sampai kiamat pun. dari ngkau yang..takdak papa... hahaha. ops. sori..

lagi satu kan. kau ada kata
"ingat student sklh ni suka ka?"
hahhaha. taktau pun. tak ingat pun.
tak mintak pun.
tak kesah pun.
aku tau la aku cikgu.
lupa pulak. kau mana tau.
kau takdak papa.
lucu la kau ni.

aku tak terasa langsung.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

passion driven

told you
if i'm into something
i am
if i'm into someone
i am
if i'm into some days
i am

now i'm showing you something i am so into in
and with people i'm so into in
in the visual form

a futsal time out with 4sp students

passion driven is something you cannot control
like having the liking for avant-garde music and art
or even having to write little haikus the minute i get out of the class.

passion makes you drive
my passion is still at lost.
i have the most passion in sports.
second must be writing.
third would be music.

but am i doing the right thing now to drive my passion?
now, i cannot tell.
because satisfaction is still half way through.
need to do my masters degree, i guess.

i could tell that being with the teenagers could be a little tiny passion for the time being.
who else would play futsal in the middle of nowhere, pay for their drinks, say ok when they wanted me to be sporting and listen to the very pekat kedahan slang?
it's me

i'm afraid i have to leave this one fine day.

mi amor

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