Tuesday, 17 June 2008

sadly, my malaysians


i resigned as retail assistant in video ezy last sunday..due to the registration on 22nd, i have to resign early..tak sempat kumpul duit lagi :P hehe... that's why i'm free and writing this blog now :P anyways, the experience working there? valuable!~ my working friends are fine, sporting and supervisors were really fun :) i like working there, except the fact that i have leg pains for the whole one month..exercise lah..

anyways, i wanna tell u guys bout the customers that i encounter during my one month standing :P there were of course, foreigners and they are very nice, especially the British. whenever i ask, 'hi, may i help you?' they will enthusiastically reply, 'hi, how are you, just browsing' or 'hi there, do you have this movie ......'.they are so damned polite and they appreciate our smiles and our offer to help :D i felt motivated to work if i get customers like that. Arab customers are different, they are very loud and their voices sounds 'garang' but they are exactly not..it's just their voice :) but they're fun to offer help too..then the African Americans, tell u the truth i'm a bit scared with this golongan, but they are friendly, and i have no complains.

the only customers that i would like to complain are, sadly, my Malaysians..our Malaysians.. (not all but majority) whenever i asked 'hi may i help you?' they will just pass by and angkat hidung lebih tinggi..not even a smile..frown yg lebih..i am disappointed and at the same time kecik hati because my people, how could them? i thought they would show more respect to me, and other staff there. but, this is what we get :( oh Malaysians, how could you? and this is the proof of reader's digest research and it's true ; MALAYSIA - 3rd RUDEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. no denying in that. some are so rude that i dun wanna layan them. some even said back, 'we just wanna have a look around lah!'..

i wrote this article not because i prefer the Englishmen and the western ppl and hated my people but i write this becuz it's true! very true and i dun wan this to continue to happen. whoever read this article, pls remember, that when u go to any shop and if anyone greets you, pls at least smile back, just have the guts pls. because i noe what it feels like to be a promoter and being rude at. at least a smile can bring some happiness in a person's life!
i hope my malaysian will see the examples brought by the Englishmen, only the goods one of course.

although i'm a muslim, and i love my religion, but my muslim-mates do not follow the true meaning of a muslim. kita bersaudara. apa salahnya kita mengasihi saudara kita. cukuplah sekadar senyuman. saya kecewa, dan malu dgn sikap saudara sesama muslim :(((

well, whenever malaysian customers come in replying my greets and with smiles, i felt relieved. at least, there are some who have sensitivity, but truthfully, very few of 'em..i'm not just talking bout malays. but indians, chinese..sama ja sume :( what malaysian are they?? :( not my malaysian..
therefore, as a teacher to be, i'll remind myself to teach my children and students that promoters have pride too, and no matter who that human being is, respect is always the key to happiness..

amik iktibar lah dari pengalaman ni
i did. and i pray to Allah that i will continue to learn from my experiences and everything that i learnt would be ilmu and ibadah, for the use of my future. amin

bye ppl :)

Thursday, 12 June 2008

the day i witnessed honesty


hai ppl :D today's my off day so this is my happy time (writing :P)
anyway, last tuesday, as usual, i masuk keje at 12 pm..i hate going to work at 12 because i dun have place to park my car near the bus stand..adoi..sometimes have to round twice to see whether anyone moved their car..but Alhamdulillah, i get to park anyway. nevermind the parking then, and as usual, i went to work, as happy as can be la..and was hoping for new movies to release so that we can change the back flat screen tv into sumting new, other than sweeeneyyy toddd...i feeel youuuu johannnnnnaaa...haha..the songs stuck in my head awedy.. memorise awedy..huhuk..

well, that's not the point anyway. at 2, i went down to the musalla for my zuhur prayers..then i accidentally brought my handset there. after prayers i went up to my beloved kedai and i noticed something really weird..MY POKET IS NOT KEMBUNG ANYMORE! so i told rosie that i really need to go down to get my handset and she said "die la...."..wahhhhhh she make me wanna cry and i felt so scared that i ran like i was chased by aslan..haha..ok la..by ghost la..then when i went down, sob sob..my nokia is no more there..i asked all the guards..and dissapointingly i get sad answers..i wanted to cry but i embraced myself..there must be another way, i thought..so i went up to get my coins to call my number, if ever the person who took my phone would be able to give it back to me (which i really doubt) but i gotta try..i must try..then when i went in the store, everybody was looking and screaming at me.."nani, they found your phone, these are your heroes (well heroins la kan)"..Alhamdulillahhhh...syukur pada Allah
the three girls stood there smiling, my age, very friendly smile and very pleasing faces.i wanted to hug them but i was embarrassed to do so, so i shook their hands and couldn't stop saying thank you..thank you, thanks!

i also asked them how did they know i worked there and they told me that they called my mum..so glad they did..but the sad part was i was so happy and pleased and speechless that i forgot to ask their name. what i noe is that they are UIA students.

Rosie said that i was so lucky, and i should give my new friends 10% discount. she don't mind. so i promoted to them. they didn't buy anyway. but for me, their sincerity was enough. i am too thankful to Allah that they have the heart that are so pure and honest. i dun have any money to treat them for their kind deeds to me. all i have is my prayers for them. with that, i pray to the Lord Almighty, for the blessings of their everyday lives, and their protection and the pahala for the good deeds they've shown humanity. and thanks Allah, for giving the opportunity to meet them. amin

that day i witnessed honesty. and i hope honesty will continue to exist in this cruel world. and i'll try to be one to.
subhanallah, wallahualam
salam :D

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

i've been tagged :D

7 Fakta tentang saya.

  • seorang yang akan terus mencintai org yg dicintai walaupun hati menjadi terbazir dan sia-sia, dan tuhan saya adalah in the top list saya, krn saya tahu hati sy tak akan terbazir dan sia-sia dalam menyintai tuhan saya yg maha esa
  • seorang wanita yang tak kuat iman terhadap cokelat dan cheese
  • seorang yang suka menulis akan tetapi kdg2 hangat2 tahi ayam
  • sgt bercita-cita tinggi, walaupun belum habis lagi degree yg enam tahun panjangnya
  • seorang yang membenci bahawa fakta yang dia akan jadi guru bahasa inggeris itu hanyalah sementara dalam hidupnya..dia mahu lebih dari itu
  • seorang yang tidak pandai marah, hanya tahu buat muka sahaja
  • seorang yang tak lari dari suka bergosip, saya hanya berdoa semoga tuhan kuatkan iman saya dari gossip dan mengata orang, dan saya harap tidak ada orang suruh saya dengar gosipnya lagi
7 Perkara menakutkan saya.
  • sy tidak dapat menyempurnakan tugasan sebagai khalifah Allah :(
  • org yg sy syg meninggalkan sy
  • memandu kereta manual gen2 yang diberi oleh proton kerana savvy kami tak siap lagi..akan tetapi sy sudah dapat mengatasinya dan berjaya memandu kereta manual..
  • gagal mendapat pointer yang cantik
  • hantu..walaupun tiada sy tetap takut
  • perogol, perompak dan apa2 yg jahat lah..sy balik kerja malam..huuuu
  • org kata sy ni gemuk..takut lah
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  • stop and stare - one republic
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  • Agamaku ..
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  • Sahabat2ku yang tersayang
  • bilik aku..khas for me :D
  • my books..books..books..
  • my knowledge :D
7 “Pertama Kali” dalam hidup saya
  • berlakon di tingkatan 4.. looking for a rain god
  • gi genting untuk makan sushi king sem lepas..aku taknah g
  • terasa bahagia bersama si dia
  • kerja kedai video..best :D
  • makan di chilis..sgt sedap, tp sy tak mahu lagi :)
  • Jawab tag. This is the 1st time i've been tagged.
  • naik bus rapid haha
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