Thursday, 12 June 2008

the day i witnessed honesty


hai ppl :D today's my off day so this is my happy time (writing :P)
anyway, last tuesday, as usual, i masuk keje at 12 pm..i hate going to work at 12 because i dun have place to park my car near the bus stand..adoi..sometimes have to round twice to see whether anyone moved their car..but Alhamdulillah, i get to park anyway. nevermind the parking then, and as usual, i went to work, as happy as can be la..and was hoping for new movies to release so that we can change the back flat screen tv into sumting new, other than sweeeneyyy toddd...i feeel youuuu johannnnnnaaa...haha..the songs stuck in my head awedy.. memorise awedy..huhuk..

well, that's not the point anyway. at 2, i went down to the musalla for my zuhur prayers..then i accidentally brought my handset there. after prayers i went up to my beloved kedai and i noticed something really weird..MY POKET IS NOT KEMBUNG ANYMORE! so i told rosie that i really need to go down to get my handset and she said "die la...."..wahhhhhh she make me wanna cry and i felt so scared that i ran like i was chased by aslan..haha..ok ghost la..then when i went down, sob nokia is no more there..i asked all the guards..and dissapointingly i get sad answers..i wanted to cry but i embraced myself..there must be another way, i i went up to get my coins to call my number, if ever the person who took my phone would be able to give it back to me (which i really doubt) but i gotta try..i must try..then when i went in the store, everybody was looking and screaming at me.."nani, they found your phone, these are your heroes (well heroins la kan)"..Alhamdulillahhhh...syukur pada Allah
the three girls stood there smiling, my age, very friendly smile and very pleasing faces.i wanted to hug them but i was embarrassed to do so, so i shook their hands and couldn't stop saying thank you..thank you, thanks!

i also asked them how did they know i worked there and they told me that they called my glad they did..but the sad part was i was so happy and pleased and speechless that i forgot to ask their name. what i noe is that they are UIA students.

Rosie said that i was so lucky, and i should give my new friends 10% discount. she don't mind. so i promoted to them. they didn't buy anyway. but for me, their sincerity was enough. i am too thankful to Allah that they have the heart that are so pure and honest. i dun have any money to treat them for their kind deeds to me. all i have is my prayers for them. with that, i pray to the Lord Almighty, for the blessings of their everyday lives, and their protection and the pahala for the good deeds they've shown humanity. and thanks Allah, for giving the opportunity to meet them. amin

that day i witnessed honesty. and i hope honesty will continue to exist in this cruel world. and i'll try to be one to.
subhanallah, wallahualam
salam :D


lehrerin said...

tringat hset dyana ilang kt fitting seconds je lesap~~~

Hannanika Chan said...

tulah pasal :) sian dia

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