Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Coolest Advertisements finally =D

Salam everyone :)
It has been a looongg time really. Well actually, I do not have so much to say before. Well, writer's block la sgt~~

anyways, I am soooooo addicted to the Petronas ads on tv. They are the cutest Ads ever!~
especially the 'love of Tan Hong Ming' :P
I really admire the way the children talk and plus; their English is good (proud to be english sensei sumday).

The message is pretty clear isn't it? But how long will Tan Hong Ming realise that his 'fantasies' for Umi Qazrina (she's adorable!) will be over soon when they grow up? When they become rebellious? When they know how to swear and curse and even to be RACIST? I am not trying to be pessimist here, but come on ppl; this is the truth. and it is out there (i miss x-files)...
And how long that these children will stay best friends? yes of course BFF is very strong but like I say before, we cannot stop them from growing up, and unfortunately, we cannot stop them from having minds of their own.

Well, it would be fun to see that everybody acts like those children (note to myself oso). Innocent young peeps who will nvr judge a person by their race. 'what race? car race a?' <---(i like this one oso)..

Whatever it is, I feel so sad and frustrated thinking about what the future might be for our younger generations. They will develop a lot, rapidly and too, they will miss a lot, unfortunately. There are so many things that they should noe, and all the values of humankind will soon change. (I hope, for the better vice versa)

I hope things change in the future. Though it seems hard to do and easy to say, at least I hoped for the better.
And ppl, Racism is a no-no. Uncool. not at all!
I would hate myself for hating other people who does not share the same skin colour wif me!

and I think the government should give a chance for Malaysian to speak up. Well, I think u noe what I mean. Speaking up, peacefully so that there will be no jams in KL that i can go for my leisure and not stuck in the massive jam! well, gatherings are good, as long as u don't hurt ppl. ok?

whatever the situation is right now, we, can continue this prosperity we have. Well, you will nvr lose a thing if ur besfren is a chinese, indian or malay right? (my best friend when I was in primary school is Olivia Leong Huey Ling - a christian chinese - and we get along pretty well though - but we're bz wif university now and I miss her )

Pls just stay together, and even we are different, i noe we do care for each other. No matter what. And I will always be here and ready for you. Anything, just tell me ;)

Ok. that's all I guess. Think about it ppl :)
whack ur chest and ask ur heart~~LOL


Sunday, 9 December 2007

Futsal craze ;p

ini mamat2 keletihan berfutsal

gadis2 yang dtg
barulah gol & gincu ;p

2 hari berturut-turut futsal. the first day played, with mat's friend.. soo fun ;)
thanks guys XD I had a blast. Thanks to my mat for organising ;)

then the next night (last nite) is futsal cum reunion of comics ;)
that was fun oso! the girls i never see for such a long time turned up oso.
;p sume cute cute blaka ;)

well guys, thanks for coming. and thanks for keeping in touch ;)
COMICS ; u guys are the best
and thanks for believing in one another.
we are not together anymore, yet the bond is still as strong as ever ;)

Friendship that we never lose. I awe that night to see this happening and chaotic group.
to see the participation. to see your faces ;)
i awed.

Well, the teachers back should be really proud of us ;)
Class of 2002 ;P
U guys are da bomb!

hoping for this to last ;)

ciao guys ;)

Friday, 7 December 2007


about a boy ;)

salam ;)

ok let's make this simple to awe him XDXD

I knew Md. Zaini since 1998. Form 1. wow. that's long ;)
well, we were friends back then. normal friends. that's funny i guess.
and, we rarely bump into each other, nor we do talk often. (seriously i segan with this hunk ;p)
But I noe him for sure for his intelligence in Maths and passion for soccer. He's a genius in both fields, indeed.
And I really look up to him for those.
so; segan ; is the word ;p serious!!!

Well, after school we randomly chat through YM. (like i say. segan!)
Not until I told him I am moving to Ampang. very near to him ;p
Then, from there onwards, things started to get..well..bizarre i guess ;)
well, the positive bizarre i mean.
And for the first time ever,
Ym-ing is a total fun, starting that moment only, ending that moment only ;p

and now.
He is the one for me
He calls me every day
He remembers me every second (perasan)
He did the best for me
He hangs out with me XD
He goes shopping with me
He watches movies with me
He supports me
He advocates me to pray to Allah everyday
He plays futsal with me
He went back to hometown with me
He studies with me
He took care of me while I'm sick
He spent a whole day with me
He skates with me (though he nvr does ;p)
He lives a better happy love life
He's happy (i can see)
He loves me. full stop

I nvr want other person than him
I want to be there always when he calls
I want to remember him back every mili-second
I want to do the best for him oso
I nvr want to stop hanging out with him
I'll shop for him and with him (hehe)
I want to be there with him for every movie
I want to be the greatest motivator for him
I will pray to Allah everyday and remind him as well
I want to have a futsal field for my own to play with him (haha)
We'll go back to the same hometown in future ;p (get what i mean?)
I will study the best, with him
I'll make sure he nvr fall sick
I want to be by his side everyday
I'll skate with him ;p
I'll be the one one who makes his love life happier
I'm happy when he is
above all
I love him. full stop

that is all about this boy.
Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah


The Friends I used to know


Hello friends. or whoever. Strangers ;P
have you ever been friends for soo long to certain ppl, but somehow they turned out to be what u least wanted them to be? They were soo close to u at first that it really hurts when they say 'we can't be friends anymore. Sorry'. It's really painful, isn't it?

Well, I had a friend who is unwilling to continue the friendship with me. What should I do? I tried to text her but she nvr replied back. I just hope that the day will come and bring us back together. And I do hope i can tell her that I am sorry for all the misunderstandings and I hope we could be like before. well, that's pretty all.


that's really all about it ;)

Monday, 3 December 2007

nona's sis wedding ;)

It was fun to see nona especially. we hugged like more than 4 times ;)
i really do miss her.
and the guys are soo supportive and great to be with. thanks ustat for the ride.
and owh, panda oso.

after wedding off to karaoke. well, with my kebaya?
but i had a blast
i had fun ;) and moreover, mat's with me ;)
nyanyi until sore throat (the guys = not me)
haha ;p
it was fun meeting u guys. can't wait for another one ;)


Friday, 30 November 2007

Strangers ;)

salam ;)

how do you make friends?
do u go at random?
well, as far as i know, nothing in this world happen at random. (the 5 ppl u meet in heaven ;p)

Well, do you make friends with strangers? exempli gratia: The person who sit next to u in the bus on the way back to kampung. Do u make frens wif em? me? I do. I sumtimes make the first move. Sumtimes that person make the first move also. Well, start wif, 'Going back to hometown?' or 'Balik mana?'.. 'still studying?'.. all those lines are famous kan?

well, strangers are just family you have yet to come to know. Yes they are. Nobody knows. Today he may be a stranger to you, but the day after that he maybe is the most important person in your life. This is fate. FATE and face it ppl ;)

to other People, I may be a stranger too. Do realise that we are strangers as well. I became a hell of a stranger yesterday, when I went to Kuala Nerang. While everyone is greeting and 'salaming' each other, they always stop at me and said 'Ni sapa plak?' erk. I dunno what to answer. And then everyone will go 'yang tu tanya mat zaini'..
Well, my best to do is to SMILE ;). Hahaha. at first mmg weird but somehow i manage to become a stranger no more in the house ;)

Like my friends. we were strangers at first. Then we became the bestest friends that we cannot live without. Strangers are wonderful if we establish the relationship further, for a good purpose of course ;)

So, have the guts to get to know the strangers around you.
just be FRIENDly. that wouldn't hurt ;)

that's all I have to say guys
till next time.
ciao ;)

Thursday, 29 November 2007

B-e-a-u-tifool :P

Salam ;)

Beautiful. pretty. cantik. comel. ayu. kacak. segak. indah. cute.

All these are adjectives for? ; physical attributes (commonly).
I do really wonder how a person truly judge another person. well, the saying goes 'there is more than meet the eyes'; which is 100% correct ;)

How do you feel, when sumone, (from opposite sex) tell you that you are comel? ok, in my experience i had mixed feelings. Here are some ;

  1. erk, really? i tot i am the only one who realised it so far. (hahaha perasan);
  2. erk. tipu. u tipu! liar?! You just said it to make me smile. or happy. I am fatty bom-bom (kejam kan I?)
  3. Oh really? which part is comel? (LOL)
  4. Comel? inside or outside?
  5. You want me to buy u lunch eh? (duhh)
  6. well, thank you. that is so nice of you for noticing.
there. This is honesty tau. (sorry if it's not appropriate). But the main point that i want to highlight here is, which counts? the inner beauty? or the facade?

my other half use to tell me. "Syg comel". And i'll be "ish, dun say that. I ain't". I'll accept that fact after he 'force' me to. Oh well. It is simple isn't it? Okok, I felt proud a bit la. But, the guilt is, does he see me from the inside as well? What if I am really ugly-ugly like totally messed up, But i have a wonderful heart? Would he love me as much as I am rite now? (not to say that I am pretty la duhh)..

I felt really relieved when he said, "sayang, i terpikat with your inner beauty actually".
girls, try this. ask ur bf the same thing. which one do u prefer. He praise u for your inner beauty, or for ur physical beauty. try. do try.. I felt much better and i prefered the second praise. Because I want to prove that I am a person who is good for something. well proving is hard. impressing is harder. Well, I do it for self-satisfaction. Just me. And my world.

I know I ain't beautiful in the inside either. But at least I am trying to prove it. Right? ;)

This is a reminder to all girls. ladies. Physical isn't everything. I've lived 22 years to realise that. And as i am Maturing enuff to happen to know about it, believe me, it's worth it. (to see the inner beauty). well, u won't lose a thing for doing so. haha ;p

Mat Zaini said "It's common when ppl go for pretty-ness and beauty-ness. That's human. Lumrah". I agree with him. Well, 1st impression is always judged by looks and appearance and we never realise that there's more than that. way further than what we can imagine..wayyy further ppl.. ;) And never judge a person by his family background or his family or his financial income or whatever. judge a person for his SELF. Judge him for HIM. (note to myself oso)

so, think on ur feet darlings~
and mat, (+ gol & gincu) thanks for opening my eyes ;)
appreciate that ;p
a lot.

till next time. ciao ;)

The Zoo negara adventure ;)

Well, it is an adventure for around 8 hours. And I thought that we would be doing this:-
1. Feed animals
2. Feed animals
3. Feed animals
4. Shower them

oklah, (dgn jahatnya) the least that i thought is about cleaning cages, sweeping daun and kutip samaph. And guess what, that was what we are assigned to!.. haha LOL. but actually those are what volunteers are supposed to do, cleaning sweeping etc. So, i put my 'feeding' thoughts away and have fun sweeping the 'fallen leaves' (cam lagu plak). I am soooo glad that i got very nice friendly ppl in my group;




all these ppl are sooo hilarious + funny + fun to be with. Aw. I had a blast ;)
first we complained (biasalah manusia kan). But then we actually had fun, teasing each other. We were supposed to clean the grass area behind the 'monkey bars'. haha ;P so, we got the chance to get to know the sweet sweet monkeys.

One of the monkey always put its hand outside the cage, like trying to grab us. so we 'marah' the monkey, and thought tht it wanted to kacau us or sumthing. definitely, our thinking cap were always put on the wrong side.
becoz suddenly we saw the zookeeper was rubbing the monkey's arm and we asked. 'what happened to him, broke his hand or sumthing?'. and the zoo keeper said 'taklah. dia suka dibelai. manja'.. and then we go like ' la ye ke? ingatkan dia nak kaco kitorg'..
guess what, after that we took turns rubbing its hand. (It's a 'he', btw) When I held his hand, he looked at me. And I see the sad face ;(. I couldn't really tell how he felt. But I can sense he thinks of freedom (erk, can they?)..ala..sian...;(

It took us hours holding and rubbing its hand. the zoo keeper told us that it got no name. So, we named him Malik. haha. lame name uh? But that's the 1st name we tot of, so i gues it suits him well (timie yg kasi actually).

then we get to jalan-jalan. but seriously penat! Actually we searched the whole zoo for tigers and lions. geramnya tak jumpa. we always ended up in the rusa are. where the guys would go 'anak rusa nani lalalala'...waa..there's a song with my name in it. kewl~

then at last! we get to see 'pacin' the tiger. haha. klakar name. siap sembur lagi kat kitorg haha (i mean kencing)

then we got to work again and everything is ok lah. and i get to put a python on my shoulder. yey ;p

above all, i actually found something else rather than having fun; great memories, and true friendship. erm, the abangs of semester seven are going away and it is sooo sad to get to know them better only at this point. those guys rock~
and we will always remember you. promise.

zoo negara was a program well done. congratulation to riss for making it happen
hope to see u guys in future.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

The 'frigate' other than books ;)

Emily Dickinson, hell yeah u're right. There is no frigate like a book. However, i beg to differ, i found a new frigate ;p not that I dun like ur poem (just becoz it came out for final paper recently), but i need to tell that i discovered a frigate that might be useful ;) sorry emily. rest in peace!

back to the point here, the frigate that i was talking about is;
movies ;p
you know, the one we see in the cinema and the ones we lined up like snakes and paying at least Rm7 ? ( gsc central square sungai petani hari rabu RM5 ;p )
exempli gratia : Beowoulf -----> What the hell is this? (I was supposed to know. my Minor is literature. shame on me ;( - well at least i know it before it is on screen) Well, cuiroius person would at least research for this, before seeing the movie of course (unless u just pick a movie to fill in the space). there u go, a knowledge of old english poetry! (it is believed to be the greatest creation in the middle years) a frigate found. Yeay ;)

exempli gratia 2: Apocalypto (did i spell this right?) ------> my first impression (seeing the dvd cover) nah..'not another god must be crazy?' but suprise suprise.. this story bring me to tears! and i really say it is worth watching it. there! another ship!

erk, i'll cont later ar. need to eat ;p

Of now and then ;)

recently I went to my COMICS batch gathering and that is the longest i've ever been to which is from 5.30 pm - 4.00 a.m. just imagine? I'm glad Lin ajak tdo umah. thanks Lin ;)
say, it's been sooo long since i see many of 'em. (like 3-4 years, that's long) seriuosly, everybody look almost the same as we were in PDRM. huhu ;) perangai pn lebih kurang same. sikit2 je berubah pn
anyway, i had a great bundle of fun that night and we watched my team M.U.'s victory.ahh ~ what a perfect timing kan anis? hehe..kan ustat?

when i got back to UPSI jimmie sent me a msg to add him on YM and that is the sweetest thing about gathering; keeping in touch. and he added 'semalam memang gile ;)' yup that night memang gila
just imagine, kitorang talk about our form one till form 5 attributes and kisah terlampau (all the while) which is very funny!..we come out with all the gossips and scandals and sooooooo many things that made us laugh our heart out!friends, it's been a long time since i had those laughs and heard your laughs..and thinking back about it; tears ;(
seriously, i am longing for the memories to derive back and i want to see all those things we did together, back, i want it to stuck in my head forever!

there were so many things that we did together. and for years to come i am glad that we will still have each other;)

siap naik eye on mesia (jimmie takpnah naik, so it's his idea, kitorg kesian, maka ktorang pn bersetuju) lg!
and so great to be in it and talk about things and stuff and teasing chayna ;p..chayna gayat. keras dia dalam menatang tu..hehe
then one by one some of the friends arrive. mat pinky due. huhu ;) thanks mat 4 coming. sian dia ngtuk pn dtg ;p
and the conclusion of the gathering is;
can't wait for another one!

tgk balik gambar2then remember back all those conversations we had
reminiscing all the faces involved
hearing the laughters (kitorg sampai sakit rahang; especially anis)
we talked and talked, and i am so proud that my friends doesn't care about gender
girls and boys are alike, and we can join in any conversation
lepak together
this family, the COMICS family, is forever ;)
that night berlalu dgn lambat jg sebenarnyaand although it is so, i still want it to last forever ;)
this circle of life is never complete without you
thanks for touching my life and let me touch yoursthanks thanks thanks

no canvas is enough for me to write my thanks to u guys
like diamond, u guys are more precious
the sentimental me

mi amor

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