Friday, 7 December 2007

about a boy ;)

salam ;)

ok let's make this simple to awe him XDXD

I knew Md. Zaini since 1998. Form 1. wow. that's long ;)
well, we were friends back then. normal friends. that's funny i guess.
and, we rarely bump into each other, nor we do talk often. (seriously i segan with this hunk ;p)
But I noe him for sure for his intelligence in Maths and passion for soccer. He's a genius in both fields, indeed.
And I really look up to him for those.
so; segan ; is the word ;p serious!!!

Well, after school we randomly chat through YM. (like i say. segan!)
Not until I told him I am moving to Ampang. very near to him ;p
Then, from there onwards, things started to get..well..bizarre i guess ;)
well, the positive bizarre i mean.
And for the first time ever,
Ym-ing is a total fun, starting that moment only, ending that moment only ;p

and now.
He is the one for me
He calls me every day
He remembers me every second (perasan)
He did the best for me
He hangs out with me XD
He goes shopping with me
He watches movies with me
He supports me
He advocates me to pray to Allah everyday
He plays futsal with me
He went back to hometown with me
He studies with me
He took care of me while I'm sick
He spent a whole day with me
He skates with me (though he nvr does ;p)
He lives a better happy love life
He's happy (i can see)
He loves me. full stop

I nvr want other person than him
I want to be there always when he calls
I want to remember him back every mili-second
I want to do the best for him oso
I nvr want to stop hanging out with him
I'll shop for him and with him (hehe)
I want to be there with him for every movie
I want to be the greatest motivator for him
I will pray to Allah everyday and remind him as well
I want to have a futsal field for my own to play with him (haha)
We'll go back to the same hometown in future ;p (get what i mean?)
I will study the best, with him
I'll make sure he nvr fall sick
I want to be by his side everyday
I'll skate with him ;p
I'll be the one one who makes his love life happier
I'm happy when he is
above all
I love him. full stop

that is all about this boy.
Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah


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mat said...

who's dat boy?..
he must be really lucky :p

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