Sunday, 9 December 2007

Futsal craze ;p

ini mamat2 keletihan berfutsal

gadis2 yang dtg
barulah gol & gincu ;p

2 hari berturut-turut futsal. the first day played, with mat's friend.. soo fun ;)
thanks guys XD I had a blast. Thanks to my mat for organising ;)

then the next night (last nite) is futsal cum reunion of comics ;)
that was fun oso! the girls i never see for such a long time turned up oso.
;p sume cute cute blaka ;)

well guys, thanks for coming. and thanks for keeping in touch ;)
COMICS ; u guys are the best
and thanks for believing in one another.
we are not together anymore, yet the bond is still as strong as ever ;)

Friendship that we never lose. I awe that night to see this happening and chaotic group.
to see the participation. to see your faces ;)
i awed.

Well, the teachers back should be really proud of us ;)
Class of 2002 ;P
U guys are da bomb!

hoping for this to last ;)

ciao guys ;)


K0_E said...

ni lg sorg..
p bce comment kt post mat tu tuh..

K0_E said...

time kasih krn memahami..
md zaini ni ader lmbt cket pivk up dier ni...

mi amor

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