Friday, 30 May 2008


bismillahirrahmanirrahim. salam

erm..i've been really tired lately. too tired to pull a post here. maybe because my work in klcc made me really tired, having to stand for more than 6 hours a day. (kadang2 curik duduk bila supervisor takde).. huhu.. well, my work's fun though..i have no complains..except for some silly people who asked for 'English sex movies'..well, this isn't a porno shop, i would answer. but respectfully of course. i could never offend my customers, even if they asked for the silliest thing on earth..and don't be surprised if the most who asked were ladies..majority, from India or Bangladesh..whew..i gotta handle situations like that.

oh u guys have boosters in ur lives? huhu.. i do..according to , booster is something that boosts, esp. an energetic and enthusiastic supporter. well, i have lotsa booster in my life. the list goes like this :)

  1. My one and only Allah SWT. always keeps me going, day by day, knowing that Allah loveth the people of Islam and I. this is the biggest booster of my life. Ya Rahman Ya Rahim. always get me through the day.
  2. Rasulullah SAW. he is an idol to every living Muslim, including me.
  3. the Holy Quran. whenever i'm with the Quran, everything seems so calm. and i always felt better after being touched by the beauty of it.
  4. the fact that there is heaven and hell. it makes me think on which path would lead me to the right one..
  5. fate..the fate from Allahswt makes me wanna live, everyday, to know mine..
  6. my family, not one day pass without thinking of them..i always put them in my prayers, and i hope i will always do that forever, inshaallah..
  7. my love of my life, who would dedicate everything for my happiness :) his voice, his worries, his happiness, his advises, his stories..will always motivate me.. :) thanks mat zaini :D
  8. my friends, i love all of em and being wif them makes me wanna live another day badly, and i dun wanna miss anything wif them :)
  9. my books..reading makes me happy, and indulging in them makes me even happier..books keep me going!
  10. music..any kinds of music, but sorry to dangdut, no offense, i dun prefer this kind..but hearing my fav music will always make me a more cheerful person
  11. food..favourite food will always make me boosted!
  12. love..any love from anyone
  13. money..well, i can't lie, money is a booster, but, that is the least booster in my list.. money do make me happy, one of the things that boosts me..i noe, everyone else also..dun lie :P's my list of u have any?
wallahualam..u tell :)

ma'assalamah :)

bye people :D

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

busy nya saya

bismillahirrahmanirrahim. salam.

wah.. lamanya i dun go online.. huhu..busy nya cik nani ni smpai i dun have time to even masak for org rumah i yang pun tak reti nak memasak..susah nya doing two works at a time; part timer (mcm full time je) kat klcc and being a housewife (yelah sgt), yelah, sape lagi yg nk uruskan umah, my mum's not in kl, yet.. and my sister .. tak bleh harap, besalah, the youngest always spoilt so kakak lah yg kene wat keje sume..huhu..
anyway, i'm ok, working in klcc is better than doing nuthing at home, selain cooking, laundry-ing, cuci tandas, sapu sampah, water the plants..kalau i'm not working, i would really bored to death..huhu..internet? much internet cause brain damage u noe..

my work place is really cool, the cool thing is everyone's there is good. all girls (alhamdulillah..go girl) so girl power jugaklah this store and my pay is ok la..setimpal with the workloads which are not really suppressing and tiring..the most difficult part was standing up, for more than five hours a day..sumtimes up to 12 hours, if my shift for the day is 10am-10pm..wah..mmg penat gle my leg..huhu..well, i can wear anything to work as long as it is black, blue black, or white..and i pakai jeans je everyday, and my sports shoes..huhu...comfortable gak lah..but i always have to change my socks everyday becoz i'm so afraid that it would get sooo busuk..huhu
in that store, i get to watch the latest movies and even listen to the cds that we want to.. everyone pun friendly and cheerful..and sporting..but i get bored watching national treasure 2 everyday..adoiiii..and the other tv is 'gone baby gone'..pun i got bored jugak..adoiii..the other tv is the game plan..huhu...takpelah..even though rasa boring tgk cerita tu berulang kali, i enjoy the work there, fun..and sum customers were very kool..and most of them are foreigners..everytime anyone comes in i'll go, 'hi..may i help you?'..sumtimes they speak so fast and pronunciation is totally different, i have to ask so many times..huhu..and also, i get to noe so many movies i haven't heard of..huhu.. and i also can borrow a max of 3 vcds a day..that is soo cool..
the only thing that i dun like is the carik pasal customers..i dun mind the customers who want my help but annoying customers can really put on your nerves tau..

ape2lah kn? yg penting i did my best for my job, cari rezeki yg halal..beribadah di bumi Allah yang indah ni..untuk kumpul ilmu dan pahala buat pedoman di akhirat.. :) harap2, Allah merestui lah pekerjaan aku ni..sebab tanpa restu-Nya, nothing matters anymore..

Ya Allah,
i seek for Your blessings in all my doings and my works, all my search for honour and tranquility in this humble world of Yours, and i seek for your blessings in my life, dunia and akhirah..amin

huhu..kumpul duit, nak beli kereta, nak beli umah, nak bagi mama abah..nak kawen..eheks

huhu :)
oklah friends..bubbye

Monday, 12 May 2008

what's wrong with my tudung?

i wear tudung and LeAnn's a what?


sebenarnya, blog ini ditulis hasil kebengangan yg teramat tp inshaallah dpt dikawal...
actually, just now i went to KLCC to teman my cousin cuz she had an interview at the Open University as admin sumting2 la..well, eventually, i'm bored at home so this an excuse to go out roaming2 kat kotaraya kl yg indah ni..hehe :P
anyway, after the interview session, we walked into klcc, me, hoping to find a place to work and at least sumting i cn kill my time for during the holidays yg akan bosan sgt Allah je yang tahu..lagipun, lagi bagus kalau kita pergi kuar timba pengalaman kan kawan2? that is ibadah as long as we do it the right islamic way :)

anyway, the actual point i wanted to highlight is...i went to hush puppies - that is the 1st shop yg i nampak they need vacancy. then i walked in talked to the guy and asked him about the vacanct. then he said yes and gave me a form to fill in. the form was quite a long one, so it took me quite a few minutes to finish it off. ..then i gave it to him and he told me about the part time work, this and that, the salary, the working hours..i was sure i nailed it and could start work..but then..the last thing he told me was "tapi, u have to take off ur tudung la because our unifrom is different and we don't allow tudung" that moment, i asked him again 'so it is either i dun work here or i work here without my tudung?' and he replied 'yes'. i told him straight to his face 'i'm sorry, but i dun see why i should work here. thank you'. i smiled, trying my best to look not angry..huh..phew.. but he apologized..well..he's a Chinese..if he's a Malay i memang dh penumbuk dia kat situ..

i forgive him..but sure i'll never forget that this is....... a discrimination. diskriminasi terhadap org yg bertudung..ape igt org bertudung takde kelas ke? and do we really look like a threat when we work in big and classy places like klcc? ohhh puhhhleasseeeeeeee.... i tot ppl are civilised already..well, this is a big fat prove that Malaysian aren't! why do we judge a person from his/her clothes, and why do the girls who covers their head are not capable of doing job others could easily get? i will not call these people stupid, but i will call them, uncivilized people, who would't open their horizon.

then i moved was hard to get a job though. majority of the shops would say, 'oh nak chinese je'..'nak lelaki lah'..and i noe, when they look at me and my tudung, they come out with all the excuses..what's wrong with you people? do i look like i carry a gun under my tudung? and who sets the rules that girls with hijab cannot work in KLCC? huh? soooo secular! i thought this is a free country. i was disappointed with malaysian. soo disappointed.

i hampir nak give up but then my cousin suruh try jugak. i went into this video shop and talked to rozie, the manager, (she's a very nice young chinese lady) and she asked me 'how long do you want to work here..u are on ur study break right?' and then i go like ' months..can ar?how do u knoe i'm a student?'. she replied, 'can see from ur face'..and then she asked which university i'm from, then she asked lots of questions..which i think at that point she's interested in hiring me :D and she said she really want me to talk to customers. so she asked about my 'movie' knowledge and i told her i'm good with movies :D she also asked what movies were Julia roberts on, i said 'notting hill', 'stepmum' and many more. she was impressed. she also asked me who Leonna Lewis is. then i told her that, of course i knew who she is :) well, to my thoughts, she is impressed with the way i talked to her, and that was like a very informal interview and she said that i can start working this wednesday. she told me to come at 4pm. yey...! mission accomplished! i'm a part time so i dun have to go for full 10-10 daily. the pay was quite good also, rm4.50/hour. enuff for me, i guess :D and i have to really noe movies and songs and albums so i should start studying starting
and owh, the sweet rosie also asked me, 'do u have to go for pray 5 times a day?' and i said 'yes'..she said she don't mind, and i told her that the sembahyang wil only take a few minutes of my 6 hours. and i asked her about tudung and she also said that she is ok with girls wearing hijab :)
there, that's the Malaysian i noe. no discrimination, and sensitive towards other religion even though she's different in believes..i'm so relieved..

well, my work start on wednesday..wish me luck people..i noe i can work this :)

salam people, dun forget to live today as ur day.
'jadikan hari ini hari kamu'

Thursday, 8 May 2008

what i like about my 23rd birthday

pictures from my small birthday gathering.
thanks to muhammad :DDD

salam :)

oh yeah...what i like about my 23rd birthday? EVERYTHING :) on the night, 00:00 hours 26th april 2008, my housemates suprised me with a delicious birthday cake :) so sweet..thanks guys..sayang korang :) thay gave me a tabung oso..cuteee :) and wani gave me a cute tree :P and rumah seblah dtg nyanyi..thanks ppl :)
and my birthday cupcakes were cute too :) adorable (w/pun taste tak best sgt) tp memang comel :P
and the best part was, the hadiah from mat zaini
i was so touched i cried :'(
that was the first time ever i received such gifts..alhamdulillah..
thanks mat zaini..nothing could ever repay ur kindness and sweetness :)

two books, two pair of socks, a bottle of 100 love notes from md zaini :D

erm..the best thing is, exam's over :D so lega
alhamdulillah :)

salam ppl

Sunday, 4 May 2008

musleemah model

so comel :)

the jubah is pretty :)

cantiknya muslimah :)

ngee :P

mashaallah, pretty women of all ages and colours :)
proud to be muslimah :)

kecantikan anugerah Illahi


i wanna be a muslimah model. but the problem is,i'm plus sized. well, alhamdulillah i still can be a model for my friends, family and kids in the future, a model is not merely physical, but also, internally. inshaallah. amin

p/s teringin jd model yg berpurdah :P

mi amor

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