Thursday, 8 May 2008

what i like about my 23rd birthday

pictures from my small birthday gathering.
thanks to muhammad :DDD

salam :)

oh yeah...what i like about my 23rd birthday? EVERYTHING :) on the night, 00:00 hours 26th april 2008, my housemates suprised me with a delicious birthday cake :) so sweet..thanks guys..sayang korang :) thay gave me a tabung oso..cuteee :) and wani gave me a cute tree :P and rumah seblah dtg nyanyi..thanks ppl :)
and my birthday cupcakes were cute too :) adorable (w/pun taste tak best sgt) tp memang comel :P
and the best part was, the hadiah from mat zaini
i was so touched i cried :'(
that was the first time ever i received such gifts..alhamdulillah..
thanks mat zaini..nothing could ever repay ur kindness and sweetness :)

two books, two pair of socks, a bottle of 100 love notes from md zaini :D

erm..the best thing is, exam's over :D so lega
alhamdulillah :)

salam ppl


Anonymous said...

happy birthday sis..

Anonymous said...

happy birthday nani

strangers from KHAR

Hannanika Chan said...

oh hye :)
thanks :D

mak farhah said...

happy wonderful birthday dear!

Hannanika Chan said...

thanks for the birthday wish mak farhah :)

mi amor

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