Friday, 30 May 2008


bismillahirrahmanirrahim. salam

erm..i've been really tired lately. too tired to pull a post here. maybe because my work in klcc made me really tired, having to stand for more than 6 hours a day. (kadang2 curik duduk bila supervisor takde).. huhu.. well, my work's fun though..i have no complains..except for some silly people who asked for 'English sex movies'..well, this isn't a porno shop, i would answer. but respectfully of course. i could never offend my customers, even if they asked for the silliest thing on earth..and don't be surprised if the most who asked were ladies..majority, from India or Bangladesh..whew..i gotta handle situations like that.

oh u guys have boosters in ur lives? huhu.. i do..according to , booster is something that boosts, esp. an energetic and enthusiastic supporter. well, i have lotsa booster in my life. the list goes like this :)

  1. My one and only Allah SWT. always keeps me going, day by day, knowing that Allah loveth the people of Islam and I. this is the biggest booster of my life. Ya Rahman Ya Rahim. always get me through the day.
  2. Rasulullah SAW. he is an idol to every living Muslim, including me.
  3. the Holy Quran. whenever i'm with the Quran, everything seems so calm. and i always felt better after being touched by the beauty of it.
  4. the fact that there is heaven and hell. it makes me think on which path would lead me to the right one..
  5. fate..the fate from Allahswt makes me wanna live, everyday, to know mine..
  6. my family, not one day pass without thinking of them..i always put them in my prayers, and i hope i will always do that forever, inshaallah..
  7. my love of my life, who would dedicate everything for my happiness :) his voice, his worries, his happiness, his advises, his stories..will always motivate me.. :) thanks mat zaini :D
  8. my friends, i love all of em and being wif them makes me wanna live another day badly, and i dun wanna miss anything wif them :)
  9. my books..reading makes me happy, and indulging in them makes me even happier..books keep me going!
  10. music..any kinds of music, but sorry to dangdut, no offense, i dun prefer this kind..but hearing my fav music will always make me a more cheerful person
  11. food..favourite food will always make me boosted!
  12. love..any love from anyone
  13. money..well, i can't lie, money is a booster, but, that is the least booster in my list.. money do make me happy, one of the things that boosts me..i noe, everyone else also..dun lie :P's my list of u have any?
wallahualam..u tell :)

ma'assalamah :)

bye people :D

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