Thursday, 27 March 2008

being athletic

salam ppl :)

guess what happened recently via the title above? :p heehee
well, last two weeks was athletics' week, whereby I represented my college for:
1) futsal 2) ping pong
i also signed up for netball but i had to tarik diri the last minute due to my injured leg. i couldn't even walk..adoi..

the weekend before all the tournaments started, i fell down the stairs at home (that is soo nani), fainted, and i got a shot by the doctor at 10 p.m(mama was panicking when she sent me to the clinic after the incident). My sister helped me through the stairs and i could even feel my legs. The doctor said i sprint my leg and it was ok. he gave me some pain killers..duhh..

well, not learning my lessons, i played futsal for KZ team B. haha..mmg ngong. fortunately, i didn't feel the pain when i was playing. and everyone approached me after the first game and said 'we didn't know u cn really play?'..hehe:p (i hide my talent) even syafiq and hazwan (my juniors) told me that i was great ;p wahhh..kembang gila (perasan kejap)..yelah,..a plus size like me..mane la reti besukan..well i proved myself and the others that my size doesn't DEFINE ME!
hehe :) dilla pun suka masa i head the ball..nasib tak masuk ;p

hehe..then the next day we played was a tough competition as all of the contestants are at the same level with us. i doubled with Winnie and before each and every game, we hugged, just to get the spirit and lessen the nervousness we had...hehe :) we managed to win three out of four game, and...yey!! we won silver for ping pong doubles. And maddy won silver for single too :) congratulations to all f us :) we're happy:)

i was really glad to win something in my last semester in least i have the memories in UPSi (sweet one) and oh yeah..and poetry too :) the athlete who can recite poem..what a weird combination :P hehe
whee~ i cant wait for sungai petani..and i can't wait for basketball! i am sooo gonna stay athletic, walaupun dah beranak lima:p
and, i had the best times in upsi, thoughi dun really like it here, i noe i learnt a lot!

ppl,stay athletic as much as u can. even if ur my size!;p

Monday, 10 March 2008

poetry recitation = my first time

It was the ZELC08 (Za'ba English Language Campaign 2008)
and actually, I was the coordinator for the English General Knowledge quiz..:)
it was fun torturing the contestants with the hardest questions on earth! best gila haha :p

well, that's ok la, but the shocking part was,i signed up for the Poetry recitation competition, becoz, guess what my college had to send three contestants but we only had two. so i said to eve, 'put my name in. i wanna try'. then she put it in and i decided to just recite the poem which i remembered (the only1) emii dickinson's.
truly,it was just for fun!
for fun...!

but shockingly, i won first prize! OMG..and alhamdulillah~
i was quite sure i was doing it for fun..well...
so i learnt sumting. 'the less,the better'
hehe if u noe what i mean..
things came unexpectedly, and i was happy for it

and, i got a big fat hamper, still too many, ada yg tak bukak lagi

haha ;)
I was happy, delighted and thanks to my friends for supporting me.i love u guys to the max. and thanks to my beruang, for ur love and faith for me :)

i love my spirit, and i love my friends, i love having fun!

salam :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

i am a good student :p

i just got kicked out by my lecturer, komang. now i'm in the library! It's not my fault that i was late. There are no bus. helo!!~ can't u be a lil more concern about ur students? eeeeeee! first time kene halau~~~

Well, i dun give a damn. Just now we went to HEP to complain about the bus. the senget bus and the bus which almost tebalik and got us killed (exegerate plak), betul ape?

anyway, his class is ok to lepas. he will not be in for more than an hour pun. we know. kelas 3jam jadi 45 mins je. i nvr know how he got to be a lecturer!

well, it is nooooo goooood to hate the lecturer, but i don't. i just dont understand what he wants, why he wants us to redo and re-redo his assignments and we don't understand what GRAMMAR means to him. oh pls! i want our mdm Kway back!

well, btw, i'm using my new laptop to write this post :)
hehe..very cheap, yet cute laptop. and i'm glad to have this new baby now :p

the first picture from my webcam :) me n my beruang :P

ppl out there. if u wanna be a lecturer, plssss oh do pls check urself. dun make ur students suffer. i have 2 lecturers who toture me too much this semester. and ppl hate them. so, to not be hated, pls think again what u r doing to these unlucky innocent youths ;p


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