Thursday, 27 March 2008

being athletic

salam ppl :)

guess what happened recently via the title above? :p heehee
well, last two weeks was athletics' week, whereby I represented my college for:
1) futsal 2) ping pong
i also signed up for netball but i had to tarik diri the last minute due to my injured leg. i couldn't even walk..adoi..

the weekend before all the tournaments started, i fell down the stairs at home (that is soo nani), fainted, and i got a shot by the doctor at 10 p.m(mama was panicking when she sent me to the clinic after the incident). My sister helped me through the stairs and i could even feel my legs. The doctor said i sprint my leg and it was ok. he gave me some pain killers..duhh..

well, not learning my lessons, i played futsal for KZ team B. haha..mmg ngong. fortunately, i didn't feel the pain when i was playing. and everyone approached me after the first game and said 'we didn't know u cn really play?'..hehe:p (i hide my talent) even syafiq and hazwan (my juniors) told me that i was great ;p wahhh..kembang gila (perasan kejap)..yelah,..a plus size like me..mane la reti besukan..well i proved myself and the others that my size doesn't DEFINE ME!
hehe :) dilla pun suka masa i head the ball..nasib tak masuk ;p

hehe..then the next day we played was a tough competition as all of the contestants are at the same level with us. i doubled with Winnie and before each and every game, we hugged, just to get the spirit and lessen the nervousness we had...hehe :) we managed to win three out of four game, and...yey!! we won silver for ping pong doubles. And maddy won silver for single too :) congratulations to all f us :) we're happy:)

i was really glad to win something in my last semester in least i have the memories in UPSi (sweet one) and oh yeah..and poetry too :) the athlete who can recite poem..what a weird combination :P hehe
whee~ i cant wait for sungai petani..and i can't wait for basketball! i am sooo gonna stay athletic, walaupun dah beranak lima:p
and, i had the best times in upsi, thoughi dun really like it here, i noe i learnt a lot!

ppl,stay athletic as much as u can. even if ur my size!;p


mat said...

pinjam medal bleh? :p

Hannanika Chan said...

boleh :) pinjamlah~

Your Average Mat said...

Tahniah for the medal.

mi amor

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