Wednesday, 2 April 2008

the last semester in tanjung malim

This is my last semester in tg malim.sob sob..though i dun really like it here, still, this is a tremendous experience that will be treasured for the rest of my life...:)
Well, I've learned a lot here.wanna see the list? ere goes:-
  1. Lesson plans. stupid ones, crazy ones, ASSURE ones, specific ones..all different lesson plans!!!
  2. Friends - good friends, caring ones, touch n go ones.. :)
  3. paper work..when ur in a committee or sumting..u must learn all this birocracy stuff
  4. TESLians..they are real teslians here:) and I love mingling and being friends wif em:) lovely ppl, all of u :)
  5. lecturers - the good,the bad, and the ugly :) all i experienced, all i can tell, and i noe which teacher i would wanna turn out to be in the future!
  6. My favorite lecturers, Mdm Ainun, who is as great as a mum, undeniably talented as a 'knowledge provider'. The very smart Mr. Sidik who taught us so much about literature and who himself has too much information about it. Sir Azman who is a great father, encouraging and motivating.Mdm leela who always says yes to everything :p, and not forgetting Kak Yam who always bebel but gave us some good tips bout everything :p.
  7. the favorite eating spot. Garden seafood, easy cafe, nasi ayam kampong, dusun bay, and the sedap char koay teow:)
  8. The sungai klah, the place where we dip in the warm water :) soo nice:)
  9. The people we get to know :)
That day was the elc meeting. Well, the meeting was fun, but i must call it a 'syiok sendiri' activity. This is because, we, the 'audience' down here were blur,because there were too many 'dancing' n 'clubbing' around..i know la tesl..but,...we were not entertained see u guys dance like crazy ppl..not that i am against dancing, but pls, do it wif pride.. well, i did like the singing part. but the dancing was..ooofff...emm..

Well the best thing about elc was i get to meet friends, took pictures and have fun :) well, my last sem,dpt gak jumpa dorang and take pics :)
well, at least we had fun snapping :)

the happy family :)

nad (cutey) and I

Sham, Kak su and I :)

well, we had fun snapping pictures an i guess we will definitely miss the UPSI. the shaz, the sophie, the kak su, the bujang, the wan, abang irwan n gang, the shasha, the qayyum, the mun yoke, the zura, the nad, the yeen, the mus, zhenera , shela, and everyone lah (too may to mention) :)
good luck to all of u,and may u teach grammar well in school :p

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