Tuesday, 29 April 2008

diet - worth it?

no more fast foooood...oooo

i need to crave more on these stuff

salam pencinta2 Allah :)

yesterday i bought a magazine entitled 'rapi'. it was a really good magazine with loads of tips for women especially :)..i'm falling in love with the magazine, plus there are so question answered when i read the zine. i was excited to choose which healthy diet suits me best. dr dulu nk diet, tp always hothot chicken poo~so this time memang nk seriuslah! huhu..i wanna be fit, and i want my BMI to be stable...tu yg penting. i punye bmi overweight skit :P so i better start now...! i'm avoiding rice already~ good start kot? and no more junkies. things i neeeeeed to avoid are these:-
  • junkies- super ring, jajan :P
  • maggggggiiiiiii...mee sedap :P
  • rice - seksa jugak tak makan nasi ooo..org melayu knnn ~
  • ice cream sob sob~
  • chocolate.uwaaa
  • mcdonals. especially big breakfast (tak penah beli pun)...
  • kfc ;p
  • ayam..too much ayam is no good for girls :0 i read,if u want to eat ayam, amik bahagian breast.no skin,no lemak :) kurang risk breast cancer :)
  • fast food- no more cucuk2 nugget and bebola sotong.
  • drinking water 2 hours bfore sleep
huhu..byk jugak things i have 2 avoid..susah nih..adoi..and things i must eat moree :-
  • drink plenty of water. at least 2 liters a day.i asik g toilet je tau coz too much water
  • fruits and vegetables
  • oat mealssss,oat, oat bread,oat crackers
  • a glass of milk
  • green tea
  • fish - ooo i'm beginning to love fish :) ikan kembong rocks!
  • spinach- ouch popeye
  • and many mre other stuff la :P
  • go exercise
uuuu...i read about a diet that the zine suggest. do response to this ppl.must i follow this?
  • breakfast - tea, only one slice of roti mil, and some sugarless jam
  • lunch- two bijik half boiled egg, and a bowl of spinach or broccolis
  • tea - green tea and only ONE kuih
  • dinner - fruit salad and some slices of grilled chicken
  • before sleep - a glass of milk
  • continue this for three months and u'll se the difference
Subhanallah..i dunno if i could ever live with that. the meal is too little for me. but, i think i can do for three months (kalau i ada determination)...ooooo....i dunno....

so ppl, worth ke diet ni?

in my opinion, the success of reducing body weight is depending on your 'nawaitu' and 'istiqamah'
niat kene betul...kalo niat nak kurus because nk pakai fit clothes and to wear kebaya and show off ur curves, then, i taktau nak kata apalah..mcm salah je niat tu..to be able to wear ur dream clothes is..to show..and it's not proper..
if ur niat is to keep healthy and fit,then i support u..bukan ape, if ur healthy and fit, kurang penyakit kan? :)

so ppl, diet pun diet lah..but nawaitu kene betul..and...pray lah for me that my diet will be successful..amin..nk sgt naikkan stamina and regulate my BMI.. And oh yeah..lupa plak nak bgtau..exercise is very important..i now go down everyday to play volleyball.huuu..berpeluh gila even kejap je main..ayuh bersukan~

oklah..pray for me ek?

bless me with UR love and i seek Istiqamah in my doings. amin



Anonymous said...

u got soo many time to blog lah!!!
sooo jealous!!!

mat said...

jajan?..apa tu? :p

Hannanika Chan said...

jajan is cikedis..or..junk food :P

adieha said...

to lose weight awak hanya perlu watch out calories yg awak amik. it must not exceed 1600 calories. kene kurang dr tu.

for more info.. visit my blog.


Personal Wellness Coach

Ella Fadzillah Chin said...

Agreed. It depends on ur istiqamah, my niat tu diet is to be healthy, to eliminate all the risks of dangerous sickness, to be fit and enable me to work and gain halal knowledge...

Ella Fadzillah Chin said...

chop, kak nani, part telur 2 bijik every lunch to merbahaya ke? sebab macam tak boleh lebeh dr 2 biji telur seminggu kan??

mi amor

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