Sunday, 13 April 2008

the new malaysia? not..!

salam ppl :)

noe what, i am just tired of the press - news on tv, newspapers.. they are soo...annoying lately! especially after the 'pilihanraya' recently. not that i'm against polls but plssssslah! enuf already!

guys, aren't u ppl sick and tired reading about this and that about UMNO, BN and such, and how they are 'kononnya' pathetically sabotaged and bla bla bla?
hey you corrupted politicians! now is not the time to find fault or to seek for what went wrong lah! it is time for u guys to prove that u are capable of doing 'work' like, 'lead'? duhh?
i noe it's a big loss...oh come on! live it, solve it! these ppl are controlling the press n stuff, but there are many more other vital issues to be taken care of ppl..i want to read something else. not about u. the NST is turning into - The Barisan Nasional Strait Times. huh

now, indirectly, the politicians have shown their 'belangs' and this is totally revealing more and more of their weaknesses. don't they realise that? oh ya.. they don't..because they are too busy finding who did wrong in the election. haha. duhh..

and enuff of the 'family' things. if u noe what i mean..just because ur the sin in law, that doesn't mean you're powerful and u have the chance to stand up. (you know who)

and pls, i noe lost is very painful wahai UMNO and BN. but face the music and move on. well, let us see the new Selangor (hail yeah~), Kedah, Perak and Penang ok? now is the time to study lah! what are u guys waiting for? oh yeah i forgot..they are still playing with the press to put on the best news regarding the lost. pity....

well..this is just my voice about the politics nowadays. and i dun have the mood to read the newspaper or even to buy one u noe. becoz, well, i'm just sick and tired with this so-called game. and even if i have the new straits time in my hands, i rather flip it to the comics section and the sports section. finding out who wins last night match was far i guess.
it is soo sad to read the newspaper nowadays. well, i give up..

the elections somehow shown result of how the press, controlled by the BN, became more boring than usual..huh..

like kalut said... 'bn or pas or pkr..or dap sume gaduh mcm budak2. lantak korang' haha..well, there's a truth there i won't deny.

until when will we live like this? government with corruption. controlling government and so called democratic gov.?
now ppl realised, ppl have gone way further, ppl have spoken and ppl have gathered. they are no longer afraid. it's not that i suggest 'reformasi' or to create havoc, but, i noe that somewhere out there, the new generation have something to say. and the choice were theirs during their election. so, let them choose.

Dear government,
there must be something that is wrong in the party that made u lost. there must be something that ppl are not satisfied with that u went down. consider thinking again, to see what went wrong. corruption? money? family affairs?<---(you know who..ala..the KJ? remember?)

it's not halal to eat ppl's part u noe. as leaders, u noe that better.
and to be questioned by Allah SWT, u should noe better also.
i am longing for a much more islamic country. living in this country, i always forgot that i'm in one..because, we don't practice it. so, do something leaders..

(sape2 yg terasa maaf, sy cuma letih membaca akhbar yg sudah tak masuk akal! dan oh ya, kita kan negara demokrasi, mestilah sy ada hak bersuara!)

salam :)


mat said... sucks..n alhamdulillah finally rakyat open their eyes :)
u noe wat..this is a positive signal for us..klu dulu kerajaan senang ja nk wat undang2 or apa2 benda tanpa pikirkan rakyat..but now they cant :)

Nurul said...

yes :) and i hope that we can stand up and beg for a more islamic country! and meneteri2 kene tunjuk contoh especially, of wearing hijab :)

mi amor

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