Monday, 7 April 2008

meeting farid samat ^_^

they discovered sumting nice :)

On the 5th of April, I got the chance to meet my old friend, Farid. He did a Thanksgiving kenduri pertaining on his graduation of a University in Japan (i forgot the U's name). The kenduri turned out to be a gathering instead =) and it was really fun to meet everyone else yg dh lama tak jumpa. Sadly, the only girls there were Kema,her friend Nora and I. SAD~

Anyway, I went there with the sweetest person in the world =) My b aka mat zaini =) he's so sweet to temankan me naik bus to tanjung malim. Kema picked us up there and off we drove to slim river ~bandar metropolitan~

We did not sesat but we had fun kacau kema who is not used to driving. hehe. parking siap tolak2 lagi. tak penah dibuat org=)

Then we met the guys. OMG i haven't meet raqib since we left for school.and fikri too.and rotter too. they were there and it was really cool meeting them.
then they wanted to go to sungai bill, unfortunately it was raining and they could not dip into the water.too dangerous! anyway, we had fun snapping pictures though =)

Well then farid sent me and mat to the bus stop and we took the bus home (kl)

I was so proud to be the photographer =)
all the memories are kept in my camera and I was glad that i could help.
Kalau ada gathering lg i'll take a lot of pictures =)

I love my friends because they are the bestest ppl ever
i hope u guys keep yourself together like this forever =)

salam ~


cuci daki kaki said...

u have to buy canon eos dslr!!ask mat to buy that crap!!hahaha

mat said...

bleh2..bila dh kaya :p

k3i said...

how can i missed this post huh?
bosan sgt, came here read the old post..hikhik

mi amor

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