Tuesday, 29 December 2009


ya allah
bersempena tahun baru ini
aku doakan segala yang terbaik untuk
insan-insan yang aku sayang
kenalan rapat/tidak
rakan-rakan seperjuangan atau tidak berjuang demi apa-apa
insan-insan fakir miskin
manusia-manusia tamak haloba
orang yang benci dan dengki
mereka yang teraniaya
golongan kurang upaya
atuk-atuk dan opah-opah yang ditinggal cahaya mata
yang terlantar sakit
ahli-ahli politik

semoga perjalanan tahun akan datang
akan terus membahagiakan semua.

dan doa untuk aku
semoga lebih beriman kepadaMU
semoga lebih tabah
semoga lebih bermaruah

disatukan kami berdua keranaMU
mencari rezeki bersama
dan beribadah sehabisnya

salam maal hijrah dan selamat tahun baru.

Monday, 21 December 2009

bon voyage, kak brit.

Brittany Murphy is dead.
i like her. like a lot. seriously.
i really love 'little black book' and 'ramen girl'.
owh great.
she's gone. she's no more gonna do this low budget film that i like.

wana see a very different point of view?
here's what you gotta put in your watching list.

and, these movies.
i desperately need to indulge in.
couldn't wait.

Monday, 14 December 2009

you got freckles?

this is a song for you who think you're a loser, or fat, or not fair enough, imperfect, and at lost. a tribute to imperfect ladies out there :)


I used to care so much about what others think about
Almost didn't have a thought of my own
The slightest remark would make me embark
On the journey of self doubt
But that was a while ago
This girl has got stronger
If I knew then what I know now
I would have told myself don't worry any longer it's OK

'cause a face without freckles is like a sky without stars
Why waste a second not loving who you are
Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable,
They show your personality inside your heart
Reflecting who you are

Who you are
Who you are
Who you are

I wondered if I could trade my body with somebody else in magazines
Would the whole world fall at my feet?
I felt unworthy and would blame my failures on the ugliness I could see
When the mirror looked at me
Sometimes I feel like the little girl who doesn't belong in her own world
But I'm getting better
And I'm reminding myself


Reflecting who you are
Reflecting who you are
Whoooooo whoa hmmmm oooooo


Thursday, 10 December 2009

the movie adventure

these are the movies that i could watch over and over again.
maggi in between.
never driving me insane.
instead, made me saner.

i am famous for watching movies for many timesssss. (not in a row)
but that's just me :)
i just love them too much :P

enjoy watching! hehe

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


kepulangan mama abah yang dinanti!

i dun care about the abayas or the selendang or the inai
or even the kurma.
i'm happy i got you back.
and alhamdulillah, syukur, you're safely home.
love you,
mama and abah.

Monday, 7 December 2009


i've watched Fahrenheit 9/11 a long time ago and it did struck me in the heart
and in 2007, the director, Michael Moore produced another baby, of the same genre which is Sicko.
it's a shame of me to only watch it just now (7th dec 2009).

Sicko strucked me harder in the ribs, the heart and the lungs.
and very rare to be struck like that in my lifetime.

message to shaz, fai, maddy, fynn jamal, wani ardy, sue, ejat, zack, akma, kema, encik mat, rissyafreen, mdm bebe, mr sidek... especially shaz, yes...you shaz. please watch this movie.
because i know we share the same thoughts.
and to whomever cares :)
and if you have watched it, you'll know what i mean :)

Saturday, 5 December 2009


kerana saya seorang kawan yang baik (ikut suke ai la nak puji kan?)
saya ingin mempromosikan blogspot kawan saya
yang menjual shawl
sgt cantik
dan yang penting, lain dari yang lain

perasan tak
kalau korang beli shawls online
sume sama corak, warna in every shopping blog
tp harga je lain kan?

but this is different shawl
corak dia sgt eksklusif tau
she did everything herself, not stocks from one company
it's like you've never seen it before

apa lagi....
do visit her blog :)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

movie marathon

my holiday was blessed with good and bad movies recently,
i know, movie preview in blog entries are boring so here is just a short one.
i guess many of you ppl have watched the movies.
so let me described those movies with my ratings, and very very brief description of how i felt about it.

too over the top, too long, too overwhelming,
too heroic (come on la, not even a scratch on him)
i don't like it
rate 1.5/5

edward fans would be dissapointed with new moon.
he's only there during the first and last part of the movie.
but, i was okay with it.
if you read the book, you know the book is better.
and, i think werewolves are much hotter than vampires.
(the pale make up is sooo cakey in this movie)
rate 3/5

watched this alone because i know it's not my friends' cuppatea
how was it?
it's positively slow, made me read btwn the lines and
it is realistic
simple, yet, full of meaning
heavy movie
rate 3.5/5

let's just say that this is my first time i screamed in a cinema
and everyone was
including the four of us
scary, eerie, sad, funny
i was always dissapointed with scary movies/horror/eerie genre
but this is wayyyy different!
seriously you guys have to watch this.
rate 4/5

i think that's all :)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

this bunch of people

this is the bunch of people whom i trust, love and miss.
i'll never turn you down :)

i post this picture
so you'll know
i have a family to watch over
and i know they are watching over me too
and so that
it won't be lost
if i reformat my laptop or something happen
unless the internet of the world just disabled

and to the effing damn ass who hates me so much
you know who you are
i dun effing need you
i have my family.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

this homey person

the days i went back home are always the best days in my life.
i have the urge of getting home early upon my arrival in klia or lcct
i dun want to take the shuttle to kl sentral and i took the expensive KLIA express instead
not cheap because it's RM35
yet i am willing to do it coz i wanna hurry home!
whan i arrived at home i felt something was wrong

then i realized. it's not the home
it's the people in it :(
mama and abah are fulfilling their haj
and there were only my sister and my bro.
oh, how i miss them

whatever la
all my prayers go to mama and abah and i hope they will perform the best and be blessed with 'haji mabrur'

(selit another story)
when i got on the erl i sat very near to three youths, 2 chinese and one indian guy
they chat loudly in english
telling all their experiences in beijing, and the great wall of china.
i enjoyed listening to them
and then i realised
i haven't been speaking english, literally (in chats)
the only English-es i use are when i was teaching.
and i realised that this could be bad for me.
no opportunity.
oh god.
it could have deteriorate the moment i get posted

dat's why i want reunion with my cohort 2
to be able to speak english
that's an addiction!

well, we'll see each other soon enuff, ok?

and to all my COMICS friends.
i'll be joining u guys for any movies now.
jum tgk karaoke? :)

cari pasal ke? ohhh..tak tau pun

bila ada orang cari pasal ngn aku
aku senyap je
pepandai ko la
ko memang pandai
carik pasal lagi
tulis lagi k
ko memang best lah
naikkan rating blog aku,

aku dah tau sape kau

sebab encik mat dah track down IP address
senang je pun
sebab encik mat kan hebat, blaja network security tu

aku dah tau sape kau
kedudukan kau
lokasi kau

tak sangka betul.
aku dh agak dah.

so kepada engkau
teruskan carik pasal ngan aku

dan lagi skali
aku tak terasa sikit pun
perangai tak matang, mana layan

(gelak besar sebab mengenangkan usaha ko yang sia2 untuk cari pasal ngn aku)

itu urusan ko ngan tuhan sekarang
malas amik port

Friday, 20 November 2009

i was like dat

ever wonder how time passed so quickly?
i never wonder how
but i just question why.
why do it has to move so quick
gimme more time to think about what i've done just now
or what i said to him
or what i wrote in my exercise book

time to time
and yet we wish that we could be married and all
confusing huh?

haha. wana show a picture of me when i was in primary school
dat was one of the best time in my life
i wish
we could be as cool as we were before
speaking hokkien plus english
and childish! :P

it's easy to guess which is me :P

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

my mum told me

sorry, for the rage i had to vomit in my previous entry.
well, you know, some patience has degrees.
for the person i called sial#n, thousand apologies.
(although i know you would not understand this entry. hahaha. pity you.)

my mum told me that
if i want happiness in life.
i have to love what i do.
I am Loving It :)

when i got 2 days medical leave yesterday,
many of my students smsed me asking how i was doing.
the price of loving.

i love you guys too my beautiful students. thanks for the care.
truly, mama's right.
i'm loving what i do and i'm loving the people in what i do as well

p/s. kalau teacher ada duit tahun depan kita g borong kat pasar malam lagi yea? :)

love you, love you!

lucu la kau ni

kepada pengunjung blog aku yang setia
tak payah la nak tunjuk poyo
nak kata aku tak best
nak kata aku belagak
nak kata aku gemuk
nak mengata aku buat onar di sekolah baru
nak kata aku suka mengata kat korang
nak kata aku cikgu baru hati busuk macam bangkai
nak kata aku macam sial

aku tau la kau sapa
aku tau la umur kau berapa
aku tau la kau ada degree tak
aku tau takat mana otak kau berfungsi
aku tau la kau memang hebat
aku tau kau memang cantik gila macam bidadari
jerawat seketul pun takdak kulit muka macam telur busuk
perfek macam tuhan
mulia macam rasul.

baca ni
i don't give a damn
ada aku kesah?

oh ya.
wahai sial#n,
aku lupa
terima kasih la
datang blog aku.
tulis banyak2.

aku dapat duit kalau orang tulis banyak2. wakakakaka.


p/s. lagi sekali. degree aku tetap laku kalau kau mengata aku sampai kiamat pun. dari ngkau yang..takdak papa... hahaha. ops. sori..

lagi satu kan. kau ada kata
"ingat student sklh ni suka ka?"
hahhaha. taktau pun. tak ingat pun.
tak mintak pun.
tak kesah pun.
aku tau la aku cikgu.
lupa pulak. kau mana tau.
kau takdak papa.
lucu la kau ni.

aku tak terasa langsung.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

passion driven

told you
if i'm into something
i am
if i'm into someone
i am
if i'm into some days
i am

now i'm showing you something i am so into in
and with people i'm so into in
in the visual form

a futsal time out with 4sp students

passion driven is something you cannot control
like having the liking for avant-garde music and art
or even having to write little haikus the minute i get out of the class.

passion makes you drive
my passion is still at lost.
i have the most passion in sports.
second must be writing.
third would be music.

but am i doing the right thing now to drive my passion?
now, i cannot tell.
because satisfaction is still half way through.
need to do my masters degree, i guess.

i could tell that being with the teenagers could be a little tiny passion for the time being.
who else would play futsal in the middle of nowhere, pay for their drinks, say ok when they wanted me to be sporting and listen to the very pekat kedahan slang?
it's me

i'm afraid i have to leave this one fine day.

Monday, 26 October 2009

i miss this

i am truly missing my course mates.
u there?

untuk mereka

Song title : Derita Merindu
By : Ahli Fiqir

Kau katakan cinta gunakan akal
Bila aku gunakan, kau yang menyangkal
Bagaimana nak kekal
Kau katakan cinta gunakan minda
Bila aku gunakan
Kau yang tak percaya… bagaimana nak bahagia

Maafmu tak bererti, kau mudah sesali
Berulang kali telah kau mungkiri
Manis mulut berjanji terpedaya lagi
Menanti biar terus didustai
Kaulah bahagia (bagiku)
Kaulah derita (bagimu)
Esok lusamu, tak ku kenal lagi engkau siapa

Dan aku cuba sedaya upaya
Telah ku usaha dengan sepenuh jiwa
Bagaimana hendak ku lupa
bayangan wajahmu selalu di depan mata
harum baumu masih dapat ku hidu
Bagaimana ingin aku membencimu
Jikalau setiap hari merindu
Sekiranya derita merinduimu itu sebenarnya bahagia..
Aku pilih derita..

Kaulah bahagia (bagiku)
Kaulah derita (bagimu)
Esok lusamu, tak ku kenal lagi engkau siapa
Mungkinkah esok atau lusa walau biarpun lama
Akan ku biar tiada, ku tetap kan setia
Entah bila akan tiba sampai jua harimu yang sama
Esok seperti semalaman yang tak berubah
Kaulah tanda tanya… kau tiada titik noktah
Ku dibuai mimpi lena dikejut igau semula
Kaulah tanda tanya… kau tiada titik noktah
Ku dibuai mimpi lena dikejut igau semula

Seandainya kau berada di depan mata
Mudah untuk aku berkata-kata
Supaya dapatku melihat seraut wajahmu
Walaupun belum tentu kau mahu bertemu
Apalagi memandangku
Setelah ku turutkan segala kemahuan kau mainkan perasaan
Begitu mudah kau ucapkan terimalah saja kenyataan…
Aku masih terkilan

Maafmu tak bererti, kau mudah sesali
Berulang kali telah kau mungkiri
Manis mulut berjanji terpedaya lagi
Menanti biar terus didustai
Kaulah bahagia (bagiku)
Kaulah derita (bagimu)
Esok lusamu, tak ku kenal lagi engkau siapa
Kaulah bahagia (bagiku)
Kaulah derita (bagimu)
Esok lusamu, tak ku kenal lagi engkau siapa

Jika kau dapat memahami hati seorang perindu
Baru kau tahu derita hatiku
Jika suatu hari nanti giliran kau merindu
Baru kau ingat derita diriku
Segala yang berlaku bukan kemahuanku
Apa gunanya bahgia
Jikalau bahagia bersamamu hanyalah untuk sementara waktu
Aku pilih derita merinduimu

Maafmu tak bererti, kau mudah sesali
Berulang kali telah kau mungkiri
Manis mulut berjanji terpedaya lagi
Menanti biar terus didustai
Kaulah bahagia (bagiku)
Kaulah derita (bagimu)
Esok lusamu, tak ku kenal lagi engkau siapa
Kaulah bahagia (bagiku)
Kaulah derita (bagimu)
Esok lusamu, tak ku kenal lagi engkau siapa

lagu ni ai tuju khas untuk anak-anak murid ai


lirik ni memang sesuai untuk bebudak sebab korang lah derita, korang lah bahagia. and u ol jugak kadang2 mungkir janji. kadang2 berdusta. lagu ni lagu korang. bila bebudak nk belajar elok2?


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

impian banyak sangat?

boyfie (aduh kenapa aku guna bahasa bebudak sekolah?) of mine selalu kata yang ai ni banyak sangat impian and cita-cita. macam dah bertukar jadi angan-angan sahaja.

ye ke?
hmmph. nak jadi poet lah, nak tulis buku, nak pergi UK buat literature, nak jadi pensyarah di ASWARA, nak jadi penggiat teater, dan yang terbaru, nak mula perniagaan library cafe. banyak sangat ye?

aku dengan angan-angan memang bersatu.
tapi aku harap yang impian library cafe tu menjadi.

oh, apakah library cafe?
konsepnya sesenang namanya.
cafe yang ada buku unutk dibaca.
ataupun library yang mempunyai makanan untuk dijamah.
buku-buku, sekali membaca sambil minum makan rm1
sewa bawa balik rumah rm5-rm10 untuk 2 minggu.
beli, harga diskaun dari asal, tapi bila mahu jual sahaja.
kemudian ruang kedai besar.
boleh buat sewa untuk apa2 showcase, poetry reading, small gigs, kelas cupcakes (hehe), sewa untuk event such as birthday parties.
then ada food and beverages, food will be simple, air will be fruity fruits!
oh ya, buku2 mestilah yang sedap dibaca, yang mungkin dibeli dari UK (inshaallah kalau belajar di sana), literature-ish memang banyak, mungkin juga koleksi poems, english and malay alike.
dan tidak lupa perkhidmatan wifi percuma kepada pengunjung :)

dan saya mahu namakan library cafe itu

ulat buku sanctuary.

besar sangat ke impian ni?
hoh. aku dah berangan lagi.

Monday, 5 October 2009

it made my day.

5th october, 2009. 1.38 am.
'tut' 'tut'. 1 message received.
from 017-*******

"salam. thank you coz support me to stdy again. you are the best teacher.. i really proud of u.. i promise to stdy hard and want to do something to you proud of me. jat"

i guess the last part of the sentences means he will do things that would make me proud.
lucky thing i was fast asleep at the moment.
or not, i'll wake up with burning eyes this morning.

some things made u proud to be what you are and to love what you do.
i'm glad i was given the chance to experience it.
and whatever challenges ahead so that i'll receive another similar message from them,
i'll go through them all.

it's not the part where they like you or appreciate you that made my day.
it's the part where they could change, to be a better person or to study harder
just because you tell them you care.

teachers out there, i hope you'll experience life as one :)
and this is life.

p/s i forgot to mention earlier, the boy who gave me the sms was given a last chance from the discipline teacher. if he creates another trouble again he'll be kicked out. and, he's the one who got beaten up like hell from the PK HEM. (my previous entry, check out do what?) may Allah SWT show him the path to success. God bless.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


just wana tell you guys i have bio aura water filter for sale. (apprx. 5 stocks)
exact price is rm2000. can pay monthly rm100 minimum according to your liking.
anything, pls contact me thru my mail,
thanks :)

Monday, 28 September 2009


just when i thought i wanna quit,
i don't wana do this anymore,

my principal called all four new teachers,
asked about our lives as teachers,
told us that we had been really good and he's very happy with others' review about us
and these words
"jadi cikgu ni tak boleh give up"
lasted through my sleep.
oh god.

Friday, 25 September 2009

korang ada kawan macam tu?

(cara entri ni ditulis macam ada sama ngan satu femes blog jadi minta izin ciplak sikit. nak tau blog ape baca entri sampai habis.)

korang ada tak kawan yang macam ni:-
dia selalu pakai ketat dan seksi sekali.
kiranya makhluk tuhan paling seksi lah kan
tshirt nya mungkin ada tulis "i'm sexy" ke,
betul2 di gunung-ganang nye yang...hmm

pastu pulak, dia jalan-jalan sambil angin tiup rambut dia yang curl kat bawah sikit
highlight blonde pulak tu
kalau nak lagi dramatik pakai shades (ala, petaling street punya, rm 10 bebeh)
then dia tanya soalan pop kuiz
"why is everyone staring at me? pleaseeelaaaa....eeew"

h e l l o

masa tu kau nak wat ape?
a. angkat bahu smbil senyum
b. say "tak tau la pulak. ntah"
c. say " tak penah tgk orang kot?"
d. cepuk kawan kau sampai lebam.
e. lain-lain (sila nyatakan) _______________.
kau nak tau apa aku akan buat?
kenalkan kawan kau tu pada aku.
taula ape aku nak respon.
(untuk entri lebih menarik dan mana aku dapat inspirasi sila lawati perempuan yang pikir pakai payudara)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

kering kontang


selamat hari raya.
ai baru balik dari kampung.
serius lah, beraya di kota raya ni tak berasa ape langsung.
gila tak rasa.
cuba putar-putar lagu raya pun masih rasa cam hari-hari cuti biasa.

lepas solat hari raya kami pun pulang kampung.
taim ni gila terkeluar perasaan beraya cam membuak-buak.
spontan dan automatik.
rasa macam zaman kanak-kanak datang balik.
bau umah arwah atok. air sejuk kolah. sembang bagai nak rak ngan sedara mara.
memang perasaan yang spesel habis.
suka gile.

kekasih ai kata
kenapa tulisan-tulisan di belog ai macam kurang ummph seperti dolu-dolu?
entah la.
ai rasa ai dah kering kontang idea sejak berkerjaya.
atau pun memang dah tua, dan bukan lagi zaman ai mencanting kata.

tapi ai akan tetap cuba.
mana boleh hilang begitu saja? bukan? :)

ai akan cuba.
semoga berjaya.

Friday, 18 September 2009

for eid

this eid i got myself two stuff.

from sogo.

the first stuff is my very first, very own handbag. the previous handbags were borrowed from mama and i never stick to one. just thinking about handbags makes me...go...eeemmmph...seriously. i have zero cravings for handbags. yeah, i noe. but laptop bags would always make my eyes go wild. so here goes.
(my mum still said it looks ranggi for a teacher. i think it's just nice la. oversized a bit but i like it)

price tag. after less is only rm64.

and a sweet fragrance to smell really sweet during raya so that my relatives would gimme more duit raya or perhaps, they won't faint. trust me, i need this. my sweaty armpit is not friendly to people. (and i nvr forget my deodorant)

escada, incredible me 30 ml. RM15o

and as for baju raya? haha. i always don't have the guts to buy one, since i dun want my mum to spend money on me (this happenes every year). so i'll just wear my graduation baju kurung cotton (favorite) and thank god it's cotton, designed for malaysian raya.

and the last picture is not a shopaholic, but you can say i'm a real true original camwhore. this was taken before i went shopping and thanks mama and sis for having the patient to wait for me browsing thru the store.

anyways. (not that excited but boleh la) i wish u all eid mubarrak.


wanna change something?
win great prizes?
something stuck in your head but dunno where to start?
care for something?

join this :)


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do what?

it's really sad knowing that your students are really clever, smart and brilliant but they just like to jump off the fence and eat maggi during ramadhan.
"i'm hungry, teacher. sorry"
this is a form 4 student of mine.

it's sadder when you accidentally went into the office (the court) when the PKHEM beat him up, gave him a real good smack on the face, and a kick on his ass.
and after he got beaten up, he still could greet "hi teacher" and smiled when i passed thru again with the PKHEM still in rage.

he told me he became like this because he was so boring during classes.
he was in the first class you know.
during his lower primary years.

"i just wana get out of the class"
particularly, he told me he just broke up with his girlfriend, a form 3 from the first class.
and he told me that people (be it, teacher or parents) have lost hopes and faith on him.

luckily he did not do it during my time.
i was proud that i could still hold him there. in his seat.
because he knows i believe in him.
yes i do.

when you believe in someone, he has faith towards himself.
and the best part is, he knows he has you to count on to.

and i don't mind.
because it's part of my job.

not another one

my friend told me yesterday that people say (i have to warn you that this 'people say' activity is dangerous) i kutuk someone via my blog. (someone means my colleague)
i was shocked and then i went to check my blog and read all my previous entries and i saw nothing with
"aku benci .... sebab....."
"she is like this... like that...bla...bla...bla.."
"nak tau tak...si polan...buat ...ni... dia kan...."
" amende perangai macam tu ai takleh terima.."

i'm sorry.
saya budak baru belajar, mungkin.
because i do not know how to differentiate mengutuk and meluah isi hati melalui tulisan. pity kan?

whatever it is, i terima dengan redha.
it is so hard when news of rumors spread by mouth.
even worse when you have no one who supports you thru it.
i'm lucky that majority was on my side.

dah dah

there's also another sad story,
i pity sangat one of my friend.
she's alone,
some people spread bad rumors bout her,
and she told me she wish she could have a friend to talk to,
like me i have fai to talk to (i have a great housemate.)
then i told her she could count on me.
she's not alone
i've known her for more than 6 years now.
so, dun mess with her, (to anyone who intends to do so). have some dignity (some ppl).
pls, ur making life hard for her.

ok back to the main point,
to whomever it may concern.
Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir Batin.
i really mean it.
i mean the maaf part.

pengutuk minta maaf ye. pengutuk tidak menyedari bahawa pengutuk mengutuk.

life is interesting when colleagues read your blog.
slamber slamber.
it's a good thing to share kan?
and remind me to be careful :P
*senyum lagi*

and guess what. i sayang my school. my students and my colleagues rock :)
i suka SMKAH :P
owh, this is when you feel you have the best job in the world.

kak fynn,
macam mana nak buat ayat sedap so kalau negatif pun nampak positif?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

some things

some things are hard to do.
i'm not a praiser kind of person.
i do not do compliments easily.
which is very sad because i hear compliments given to me always (not to say that i'm good but sometimes small things like my hijab looks nice to others)

i want to be able to say my compliments out loud. i could think about them like 'nice top' or 'great hair' or 'cool handbag'. They just couldn't be audible to anyone because my mouth seems hesitate to say it.

sigh. am i bad?
i'll try to give compliments, from today onwards.
it's so easy to praise my students but not my colleagues.
i guess, age does matter.
especially those my age.
egoistically speaking, i feel akward complimenting ppl my age. especially colleagues i only known for months.
it's also easy to compliment other bloggers, sometimes.
ego ego ego boost.
have to lower my ego now.

go praise, nani!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

dream big

i was truly inspired by a dance group called 'diversity'.
if you happened to go to youtube.com, search for 'diversity' and i'm sure as a normal human being you will be impressed.
it's a dance group with more than 10 ppl in it aged 12-25.
some of 'em are still in school, university students, one it engineer, bathroom installer, telephone salesperson and etc.
diversity - geddit?

i love to watch dance movies

you got served.
hip hop hard.
save the last dance.
dance with me.
step up 1&2.
shall we dance.

but i have never imagined those steps in 'step up' really exist in real life. i mean, i know they exist but not that perfect, i guess.
that perception lasted until recently, i watched youtube
britain's got talent 2009.
and 'diversity' had proved me wrong.
there are such dance, such moves, intensity, perfect synchronization, wicked wicked choreography.
it's really wicked to watch.
when i watched all the 3 videos on youtube,
my mouth was like 'woah' and 'wow'.
eyes will go round and i wana watch it again and again.

i was inspired.
i was impressed.
and thus, it became one of my lesson.
i showed the videos to my students.
they gave a clap.
then the lesson went on with comprehension article about the group and excercises.

credit to 'diversity'
i'm sure you have inspired so many kids, adults, parents and teachers in the whole wide world.

dream big.
i wish i could tell that easily to my students.

(click this :))

Saturday, 5 September 2009

md zaini is 24 :)

happy birthday to the love of my life
the one and only
md zaini zulkufli.
may allah swt bless every single day of your life.
love you honey!


bebudak zaman sekarang buat ai rasa sangat geram.
takde kesedaran.
macam hampeh.
boleh pulak macam tu.

penat cikgu mengajar.
buat lesson plan berkaton-katon.
bebudak cukup mengade,hokei.

"anas, ulang balik apa yang teacher cakap beberapa saat yang lepas"
"suruh orang lain la teacher. saya taktau"
"aik,teacher baru je terang,kan? teacher nampak kamu kusyuk je dengar. takkan sikit pun tak boleh? oklah, poem ni pasal ape?"
"ntah" (sambil sengih-sengih)

terkebil-kebil ai.
bebudak lagila terkebil.
time tu rasa darah berderau je.
kalau cenggini bebudak sampai bebila.
memang cepat aku darah tinggi.
ai urut dada.
tergelak bebudak.
ingat ai buat lawak kot.
fatin :" sabar cher. bulan posa. hehehe"

"teacher taktau la kenapa ngan korang ni. teacher bersemangat. berkobar nak ajar. tapi macam cakap dengan tunggul. bila nak ubah sikap tu? kata nak bawak mak ayah g haji. nak g kl pun tak lepas kalau macam ni. ntahla. lantak korang. biar teacher simpan je la. abih air liur je"

akhirnya seseorang bangun
"b.i. susah a teacher. kami taktau papa langsung"

tula yang ai ajar tu menatang hape?
dah taktau, belajar la! kan ai dok ajar ni!

"teacher, buat tusyen lepas kelas boleh?"

"tak mau. dalam kelas pun kamu tak belajar. tusyen buang masa je"
"pls teacher. ajar kami karangan b.i."

bebudak ni memang pelik.
semalam ai ajar tentang problem teenagers, diorang suka.
ok je.
bila ajar poem hari ni.
mak aih. panas je.

memilih topik agaknya.
nak wat cemana, literature memang wajib.
maaflah bebudak.
terpaksa terima, hokei?
doakanla aku berjaya bukak pintu hati diorang ni. pelan-pelan.
ai yakin ai boleh, and ai yakin bebudak boleh.
jangan putus harap.

lagi satu, bebudak form 2.
pj takde bulan posa.
ai ajar cemane nak kira bmi.

pastu dah tulis formula kat depan.
salin cantik2.
pastu bagi contoh.
berat 45kg.
tinggi 1.55 square. (ai tulih kuasa 2 kecik kat atas tu.kat sini takbley tulis la)
pastu berat per tinggi kuasa dua.

"teacher tolong. tak reti"
"ok, tulis tinggi kamu"
bebudak tulis 40kg
"per dengan tinggi kuasa dua"
bebudak tulis kat bawah, 1.50 kuasa dua.
"wehhh. tulis kuasa bukan macam tu. ishk, dah belaja ke blom?"
"cikgu mats ajar, kami main je."
"tau cemana nak dapat kuasa dua tu?"
"taktau. cane cher?"

ai kasi contoh
2 kuasa 2 = 2x2
3 kuasa dua= 3x3
1888 kuasa dua= 1888x1888
1.5 kuasa dua?

"errrr, hehehe, cane teacher?" (sengih kunun manja)
ai give up ngn dia.
ai cakap kat dia.
figure it out.
last2, ai tunjuk jugak.

"ok dah dapat kan?"
"amik berat per dgn yang kamu dapat tadi"

"cher, per tu cemana"
"bahagi la tuuuuut"<---- aku hampir cakap yang ni.pepandai la korang figure out ape ni.
dan bebudak amik nombor bawah bahagi ngan nombor atas.
ai urut dada lagi.

itu namanya hilang sabar.
can't help it, ok?

nasib tak ajar maths.
kalau tak memang darah terlebih tinggi!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Bj Kurung Adv #2 a brief life --- weddings~

have you heard of the poem, life's brief candle by Shakespeare?
it is about life.
how brief it is.
how short time passes.
how things are wayyyy different back then,
and the outcome of life is totally not what you ever imagined.

life is.
very very short.
very very brief.
now it's ramadhan.
i thought i just had my last ramadhan last month.
and how fast i am growing older. day by day.

just yesterday
we had this serious laughter in unit 5
and illegally we brought handphones when we were in form 2
and diyana was the culprit.
and she's the first of the closest friend to get married.

diyana and amet's wedding
perlis and kedah, somewhere in 2008

it seems like yesterday
i went to sue and farid's engagement
taking all the pictures
and now they are happily married for -/+ 4 months
and invited us to their lovely home
full with love

sue and farid's engagement
kota damansara, december 2008

sue & farid's wedding
slim river, april 2009

sue & farid's housewarming party
bukit jalil, may 2009

seems like it's just yesterday,
we had some totally out of the world's conversations
in dayah and bai's room
with the laughter from mars
and the very popular 'love sucks' motto from bai
and now she's married for a couple of months.
ahead of us

bai and hafiz's wedding
dewan mbsa shah alam, june 2009

it seems like just yesterday
ogy and i was in school
visiting each others classes
having fun
and zhafran was my classmate
and they are perfectly set. married

ogy and zhafran's wedding
sungai petani, july 2009

felt like it's just yesterday
nurul taught me all the mathematics equation i could not understand
and shared a bed with her after a long night of talking
andnow she's happy with her husband, abang talib.

nurul and syuhaimi's wedding
Ipoh, May 2009

like it's just yesterday
i went to hayyum's room when i was in form four
just to have a chat
and she dropped all the nail polish on the floor, too bad :P
and recently she got nikah with the 9 years bf,

hayyum and ikhwan's akad
penang, august 2009


macam baru semalam kan?
dan hari ini.
aku baru begini
(aku bukan nak kawen ngan camel tau, ini gambar sekadar menyatakan aku br je grad :P <--- sebab gambar ni besh and aku nampak comel sket, gambar lain aku nampak tak comel =p)

camel and i
upsi, august 2009

life's short!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bj Kurung Adv. #1. the end of six years

well, to start, here's a glimpse of what this adventure is all about.

yes. this adventure is about my convocation.
the end of six years, the beginning of many years ahead.
forget about the heat of the day (and we were wearing robes some more<---so manglish).
forget about the mortarboard that kept falling off my head before i went onto the stage.

nothing could ever describe how we felt.
yes, after a long six years
this is the outcome of us.
blue robes, pink muffler, mortar boards, families, friends, laughter, bouquets of flowers and teddys, smiles.

we did it.

guys, this was a very long adventure.
(and mostly i was in baju kurung :P)
the adventure worth going thru.
congratulations, cohort 2 and TESL UPSI.
to my beloved encik mat, thanks for sharing the big day wif me :)

and i dedicate this scroll to,

I love you~

mi amor

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