Friday, 18 September 2009

do what?

it's really sad knowing that your students are really clever, smart and brilliant but they just like to jump off the fence and eat maggi during ramadhan.
"i'm hungry, teacher. sorry"
this is a form 4 student of mine.

it's sadder when you accidentally went into the office (the court) when the PKHEM beat him up, gave him a real good smack on the face, and a kick on his ass.
and after he got beaten up, he still could greet "hi teacher" and smiled when i passed thru again with the PKHEM still in rage.

he told me he became like this because he was so boring during classes.
he was in the first class you know.
during his lower primary years.

"i just wana get out of the class"
particularly, he told me he just broke up with his girlfriend, a form 3 from the first class.
and he told me that people (be it, teacher or parents) have lost hopes and faith on him.

luckily he did not do it during my time.
i was proud that i could still hold him there. in his seat.
because he knows i believe in him.
yes i do.

when you believe in someone, he has faith towards himself.
and the best part is, he knows he has you to count on to.

and i don't mind.
because it's part of my job.

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