Tuesday, 29 April 2008

diet - worth it?

no more fast foooood...oooo

i need to crave more on these stuff

salam pencinta2 Allah :)

yesterday i bought a magazine entitled 'rapi'. it was a really good magazine with loads of tips for women especially :)..i'm falling in love with the magazine, plus there are so question answered when i read the zine. i was excited to choose which healthy diet suits me best. dr dulu nk diet, tp always hothot chicken poo~so this time memang nk seriuslah! huhu..i wanna be fit, and i want my BMI to be stable...tu yg penting. i punye bmi overweight skit :P so i better start now...! i'm avoiding rice already~ good start kot? and no more junkies. things i neeeeeed to avoid are these:-
  • junkies- super ring, jajan :P
  • maggggggiiiiiii...mee sedap :P
  • rice - seksa jugak tak makan nasi ooo..org melayu knnn ~
  • ice cream sob sob~
  • chocolate.uwaaa
  • mcdonals. especially big breakfast (tak penah beli pun)...
  • kfc ;p
  • ayam..too much ayam is no good for girls :0 i read,if u want to eat ayam, amik bahagian breast.no skin,no lemak :) kurang risk breast cancer :)
  • fast food- no more cucuk2 nugget and bebola sotong.
  • drinking water 2 hours bfore sleep
huhu..byk jugak things i have 2 avoid..susah nih..adoi..and things i must eat moree :-
  • drink plenty of water. at least 2 liters a day.i asik g toilet je tau coz too much water
  • fruits and vegetables
  • oat mealssss,oat, oat bread,oat crackers
  • a glass of milk
  • green tea
  • fish - ooo i'm beginning to love fish :) ikan kembong rocks!
  • spinach- ouch popeye
  • and many mre other stuff la :P
  • go exercise
uuuu...i read about a diet that the zine suggest. do response to this ppl.must i follow this?
  • breakfast - tea, only one slice of roti mil, and some sugarless jam
  • lunch- two bijik half boiled egg, and a bowl of spinach or broccolis
  • tea - green tea and only ONE kuih
  • dinner - fruit salad and some slices of grilled chicken
  • before sleep - a glass of milk
  • continue this for three months and u'll se the difference
Subhanallah..i dunno if i could ever live with that. the meal is too little for me. but, i think i can do for three months (kalau i ada determination)...ooooo....i dunno....

so ppl, worth ke diet ni?

in my opinion, the success of reducing body weight is depending on your 'nawaitu' and 'istiqamah'
niat kene betul...kalo niat nak kurus because nk pakai fit clothes and to wear kebaya and show off ur curves, then, i taktau nak kata apalah..mcm salah je niat tu..to be able to wear ur dream clothes is..to show..and it's not proper..
if ur niat is to keep healthy and fit,then i support u..bukan ape, if ur healthy and fit, kurang penyakit kan? :)

so ppl, diet pun diet lah..but nawaitu kene betul..and...pray lah for me that my diet will be successful..amin..nk sgt naikkan stamina and regulate my BMI.. And oh yeah..lupa plak nak bgtau..exercise is very important..i now go down everyday to play volleyball.huuu..berpeluh gila even kejap je main..ayuh bersukan~

oklah..pray for me ek?

bless me with UR love and i seek Istiqamah in my doings. amin


Sunday, 27 April 2008

nurul zahirah

gaya zahirah prepare to yawnnn

si comel zahirah tdo

salam pencinta Allah,

on 19th of April, permata kedua kesayangan along and kak long dilahirkan dgn selamat in Ipoh. Alhmdulillah and Subhanallah, she's so pretty and sempurna..
oh bestnya, now a have a pair of anak sedara :) mohd muzakkir and nurul zahirah. both are cuteand adorable :) mama and abah pun excited with their new cucu :)

dear Allah, i pray for ur blessings and in humbleness, as humble as can be, i pray for You to protect my new family member, and give her the best in her future, i hope that all of us contribute to remind her to love You, and stay with You. may she become a humble muslimah, a khalifatullah that beholds our Islam strong.

welcome to the world nurul zahirah!

Monday, 14 April 2008

glory glory man united :)

salam kpd semua khalifatullah :)

it's so boring at home (my bad, sape suruh tak bawak balik buku for study), i couldn't imagine staying home for two months (after the exams nanti). so i gotta work. phew. really2 gotta work.
oh yeah, tomorrow i'm going back to UPSI and start my study group. uuuuu...i like studying but this semester is a mess! especially grammar. i dunno what to study for grammar :( i'm so lost in his class too! adoi!

well, enuf of that already. huhu. what should i talk about er..uhm...owh yeah, yesterday ManU won against arsenal. soo happy :P
anyway, what's it with EPL that ppl are so crazy about? Jimi ckp anissss ja yg layan EPL ni..haha..really? but when there's any match sume berebut je depan tb..hehe :P
my bf pun tak layan sgt EPL kan? EUFA je konon.. but then again, kalau Bayern lawan same time ngn kelab2 gergasi EPL lawan, kene mengalah gak tb tu. kalo ade 2 tb pun tak best sebab sorg2..haha..tgk bola, kene ngn kawan2, br chare~ :P

hehe..oklah..what's so special about EPL eh? ermm..because they're white? or because they're Englishmen? or because they're good? hummm...i tak penah la kaji but then i really love watching them running on the field tunjuk skill..moreover kan, EPL je yg really been given lotsa highlights and opportunities untuk tayang kat tb..and they are given more coverage in the news :) that's why it's so popular..besides crazy fanatics ladies yg tergila2 kan mamat salleh ni tendang bola..handsome kot? (duhhh) haha

well, since i was standard three, my dad had injected my brain with EPL and manchester united. haha..seriously, it was fun u noe. MUFC official magazine was the first ever magazine i read. ok lah, second, after GILA-Gila..hehe..soo many copies of'em sampai penuh rumah dgn stacks tu. and my mama will be like 'adoi, abah korang ni suka tambah recycle paper kat umah' ..haha (i tak tau apa maksud recycle paper dulu2..buduh sket)..anyway, since then, i fancy Man U and Man U only. seriously, it was never because of Beckham. i became a fan even before beckham got in. I was a fan during the era kegemilangan of Eric Cantonna. haha..korang igt ker? :P

gambar erik cantonna kat muka depan tape vcr that my abah bought
they won the 93/94's season.

huhu..ada byk gile koleksi vcr and vcd kat umah on man u..maklumlah, my abah is a 'kipas susah mati' woo
well, i even dreamt of going to old trafford. i'll say 'abah, jum tgk erik cantonna. gi old trafford'..abah will juast laugh and said 'nanti ada duit kita g'..hehe..

anyway, football will always be the sport that is loved by everyone (is it an assumption?) for girls and boys, everywhere. and, i have started interest in the game by playing futsal :) jumlah bersukan kawan :) lgpun, bersukan tu kan ibadah :) and of course, merapatkan ukhuwwah. (tp play with girls only lah ye? baru lah muslimah sopan)
my bf plak mmg kaki bola, gila bola and terer main bola. and my family pun kalo ada match bola sanggup buat maggi bagi sume org bangun, dpt tgk bola ramai2..hehe :P
well, what can i say is football brings everyone together. sedapp je tgk bola smbil makan super ring :) and tambah2 dpt tgk with friends kan :) kedai mamak mesti meriah gile :)

p/s - nanti lepas kawen tgk ESPN kat umah ngn hubby :P bestnya. boleh kutuk2 bayern :P


salam :)

something about hijab :)


Two Muslim girls in a classroom - one wearing a Hijab; the other one without.
The girl with no scarf - eager to have a laugh began to gossip and shout…

"Take off your headscarf - lets see the length of your hair…
Go on just this once - it's only a dare!"
The girl with the Hijab looked back and proudly replied…
"There is no chance that I'll let 14 devils float by my side"

The other girl scoffed still wanting to have fun…
"So you're prepared to roast under the burning sun??"
"Yes - because the heat right now means nothing to me;
It is the hell fire which is extremely scary"

Girl with no scarf - still wanting to say more…
"Why are you wearing it? What is the purpose for?"
"Allah will keep evil and punishment away from me….
This Hijab is there in my life for security…
I love and value my faith - which is why I cover my head"
Smiling the girl in the Hijab had said.

The other girl tensed - but not showing she's feeling bad….
"Why not show everyone your beauty - once you have, you'll feel ever so glad!"
"The beauty is inside me - where Islam is growing in my heart…
…appreciating Allah is the way for a happy start!"

At this point, the girl with no Hijab had nothing else left to say…
She knew that the other girl was always joyful and confident each and every day.
She realised that this Sister in Hijab will always remain pure and never will walk in shame….
The girl with no scarf knew she wanted to be exactly the same.

This is why, when she went home - she made a very big decision.
She realised that loving Allah can put you in such a wonderful position.
In the classroom, the next day - this girl was wearing her Hijab for the first ever time - feeling so proud…
Looked at the other girl whom she had made fun of before had said out loud…

"Oh sister of Islam - forgive me for the things I have said….
Seeing the love you hold for our religion has today made me cover my head…
Your sweet and caring words that you so dearly expressed…
Made me see how Islam has given you so much respect
I know that Allah will gift those who follow Islam….
Wearing my Hijab - I know that I will be safe from any harm.

Thank you My Sister - for you who I now admire and congratulate
Together as Muslims, we should aim to reach Jannat's Gates."

The first girl - amazed, had happiness all over her face
Smiled with love and gave the Sister a lot of praise.
"Mashallah Sister – Indeed Allah will purify your heart and your deen…
Continue love for our faith and in Heaven we will be seen…
Wearing the Hijab – we will always stay as the 'Respected Girl'....
And to Allah we will be known as the 'Concealed Pearl!'

By Nazma Begum

taken from:http://islamicpoems.blogspot.com/

Sunday, 13 April 2008

the new malaysia? not..!

salam ppl :)

noe what, i am just tired of the press - news on tv, newspapers.. they are soo...annoying lately! especially after the 'pilihanraya' recently. not that i'm against polls but plssssslah! enuf already!

guys, aren't u ppl sick and tired reading about this and that about UMNO, BN and such, and how they are 'kononnya' pathetically sabotaged and bla bla bla?
hey you corrupted politicians! now is not the time to find fault or to seek for what went wrong lah! it is time for u guys to prove that u are capable of doing 'work'..er like, 'lead'? duhh?
i noe it's a big loss...oh come on! live it, solve it! these ppl are controlling the press n stuff, but there are many more other vital issues to be taken care of ppl..i want to read something else. not about u. the NST is turning into - The Barisan Nasional Strait Times. huh

now, indirectly, the politicians have shown their 'belangs' and this is totally revealing more and more of their weaknesses. don't they realise that? oh ya.. they don't..because they are too busy finding who did wrong in the election. haha. duhh..

and enuff of the 'family' things. if u noe what i mean..just because ur the sin in law, that doesn't mean you're powerful and u have the chance to stand up. (you know who)

and pls, i noe lost is very painful wahai UMNO and BN. but face the music and move on. well, let us see the new Selangor (hail yeah~), Kedah, Perak and Penang ok? now is the time to study lah! what are u guys waiting for? oh yeah i forgot..they are still playing with the press to put on the best news regarding the lost. pity....

well..this is just my voice about the politics nowadays. and i dun have the mood to read the newspaper or even to buy one u noe. becoz, well, i'm just sick and tired with this so-called game. and even if i have the new straits time in my hands, i rather flip it to the comics section and the sports section. finding out who wins last night match was far more..fun i guess.
it is soo sad to read the newspaper nowadays. well, i give up..

the elections somehow shown result of how the press, controlled by the BN, became more boring than usual..huh..

like kalut said... 'bn or pas or pkr..or dap sume gaduh mcm budak2. lantak korang' haha..well, there's a truth there i won't deny.

until when will we live like this? government with corruption. controlling government and so called democratic gov.?
now ppl realised, ppl have gone way further, ppl have spoken and ppl have gathered. they are no longer afraid. it's not that i suggest 'reformasi' or to create havoc, but, i noe that somewhere out there, the new generation have something to say. and the choice were theirs during their election. so, let them choose.

Dear government,
there must be something that is wrong in the party that made u lost. there must be something that ppl are not satisfied with that u went down. so...do consider thinking again, to see what went wrong. corruption? money? family affairs?<---(you know who..ala..the KJ? remember?)

it's not halal to eat ppl's part u noe. as leaders, u noe that better.
and to be questioned by Allah SWT, u should noe better also.
i am longing for a much more islamic country. living in this country, i always forgot that i'm in one..because, we don't practice it. so, do something leaders..

(sape2 yg terasa maaf, sy cuma letih membaca akhbar yg sudah tak masuk akal! dan oh ya, kita kan negara demokrasi, mestilah sy ada hak bersuara!)

salam :)

Friday, 11 April 2008

a summary of 'the tanjong malim' adventure

teslians with a literature genius, mr sidik

salam :)

hye ppl. this is a summary of my/our tanjong malim adventure. i couldn't really find a word that describe the whole 2 years of this course (only here, of course). well, lemme find sum. ok, ok...

first word would be...'hectic'.
for some of us, it was really hectic especially us, the ppl without transport :P well, thanks eva for the rides to classes recently. sooo nice of you :) and we would definitely treat eva for the rides :) well, 'hectic' goes for the waiting and 'berebut-ing' for bus. i always get squashed, though i chose not to push. the funny part about pushing is, i need not walk. i just stay there, and the others (pushers) do the moving for me..and without realising, i got up the bus, thanks to the pushers. haha :P funny kan budak2 upsi? teachers to be, not lining up, and their hobby is pushing!

'hectic' could also describe assignments. too many, too lengthy, too many 'changes', too hard, too diffcult and not up to expectations, too easy, too demanding and too, too many more to say :)

second word would be...'funny'
why 'funny'? in terms of lecturers i guess. i've described about lecturers in some previous posts so, i dun think i need any elaboration here :P
'funny' ppl? could be..ahah..hehe..sumtimes, seeing the ppl ur weird of with lighten up ur day.tak tipu..true! well, this ppl makes the world go round and this ppl make up colorful homo sapiens :) i like!
third word would be..'kiasu'
well, i was really kiasu here. study group. best assignments. study! kiasu is the most suitable word for cohort two i guess. we were born with this and i think we will continue to develop our kiasus-ness and torture our beloved students. haha :P padanlah muka

fourth ... is... 'separation'
tell u guys the truth...life and unity was a lil bit different here, despite the fact that all of us live in the same floor. we were put into clans. i dunno which part went wrong and we dun see it coming. of course we were still the same as usual, but things change. we dun do what we normally do, together. it's sad. i hope this word 'seperation' would be erased when we reach sungai petani in July. i will make sure of it, and we would always be what we used to be. playing basketball togther would be a start! change back. gimme back my cohort 2~!!!!
fifth would be....'growing'
as a matter of fact, we never realised this. i am 23, and i have started talking about having children and being posted. soon, they will really seperate us~! i hope somebody write a book about cohort two. yes! a bildungsroman of the cohort 2.

we made history! we were the first ever teslian upsi, who staged for sidik's course. it's a staging. staginggggggg!~~~~ we were damned good actors/actresses. damn good. each and everyone of us. no one was left out. including shikin :)

well, as for me, i've accomplished two things withing two weeks. 1st for poetry recitation ZELC 08 and silver for doubles pingpong TEST 08. now that's what i call, achievement :)

there were also ocassions which i would really miss such as handling the Zaba english language campaign, the zoo negara adventure, the majlis tautan persahabatan..and soo many more :) i would always remember the ppl involved too :D
we took our photographs before leaving UPSI. everywhere. soo many :) as if we hadn't done it for a very looooong time. and yes, we will definitely miss this smoky place. we'll come back for graduation...but nothing will be the same again. we will grow and still change.

i just pray to Allah the Almighty, one and only, that no one will get hurt in the next phase of our journey, physically, and emotionally.
everything had been prepared well for us. we followed. wonder who would walk out of the teaching profession first? :) well, i bet we all do have dreams of our own, besides teaching :)

well, whatever ur dreams are, think big,dream big, and i wish all the best in the world and InsyaAllah, everything will be fine :)
one big happy family for 5 rocking years,
and will continue for the rest of our lives

Dear Allah SWT,

i pray that all my friends and i will continue to excel in whatever we do. and i hope for your blessings and protection to them, and all our beloved, and to You we seek for everything, through happy or sad times. and thanks, alhamdulillah, for making us meet, in this lovely world of Yours..

amin ya rabbal alamin

Salam :)

Monday, 7 April 2008

meeting farid samat ^_^

they discovered sumting nice :)

On the 5th of April, I got the chance to meet my old friend, Farid. He did a Thanksgiving kenduri pertaining on his graduation of a University in Japan (i forgot the U's name). The kenduri turned out to be a gathering instead =) and it was really fun to meet everyone else yg dh lama tak jumpa. Sadly, the only girls there were Kema,her friend Nora and I. SAD~

Anyway, I went there with the sweetest person in the world =) My b aka mat zaini =) he's so sweet to temankan me naik bus to tanjung malim. Kema picked us up there and off we drove to slim river ~bandar metropolitan~

We did not sesat but we had fun kacau kema who is not used to driving. hehe. parking siap tolak2 lagi. tak penah dibuat org=)

Then we met the guys. OMG i haven't meet raqib since we left for school.and fikri too.and rotter too. they were there and it was really cool meeting them.
then they wanted to go to sungai bill, unfortunately it was raining and they could not dip into the water.too dangerous! anyway, we had fun snapping pictures though =)

Well then farid sent me and mat to the bus stop and we took the bus home (kl)

I was so proud to be the photographer =)
all the memories are kept in my camera and I was glad that i could help.
Kalau ada gathering lg i'll take a lot of pictures =)

I love my friends because they are the bestest ppl ever
i hope u guys keep yourself together like this forever =)

salam ~

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

the last semester in tanjung malim

This is my last semester in tg malim.sob sob..though i dun really like it here, still, this is a tremendous experience that will be treasured for the rest of my life...:)
Well, I've learned a lot here.wanna see the list? ere goes:-
  1. Lesson plans. stupid ones, crazy ones, ASSURE ones, specific ones..all different lesson plans!!!
  2. Friends - good friends, caring ones, touch n go ones.. :)
  3. paper work..when ur in a committee or sumting..u must learn all this birocracy stuff
  4. TESLians..they are real teslians here:) and I love mingling and being friends wif em:) lovely ppl, all of u :)
  5. lecturers - the good,the bad, and the ugly :) all i experienced, all i can tell, and i noe which teacher i would wanna turn out to be in the future!
  6. My favorite lecturers, Mdm Ainun, who is as great as a mum, undeniably talented as a 'knowledge provider'. The very smart Mr. Sidik who taught us so much about literature and who himself has too much information about it. Sir Azman who is a great father, encouraging and motivating.Mdm leela who always says yes to everything :p, and not forgetting Kak Yam who always bebel but gave us some good tips bout everything :p.
  7. the favorite eating spot. Garden seafood, easy cafe, nasi ayam kampong, dusun bay, and the sedap char koay teow:)
  8. The sungai klah, the place where we dip in the warm water :) soo nice:)
  9. The people we get to know :)
That day was the elc meeting. Well, the meeting was fun, but i must call it a 'syiok sendiri' activity. This is because, we, the 'audience' down here were blur,because there were too many 'dancing' n 'clubbing' around..i know la tesl..but,...we were not entertained ok..to see u guys dance like crazy ppl..not that i am against dancing, but pls, do it wif pride.. well, i did like the singing part. but the dancing was..ooofff...emm..

Well the best thing about elc was i get to meet friends, took pictures and have fun :) well, my last sem,dpt gak jumpa dorang and take pics :)
well, at least we had fun snapping :)

the happy family :)

nad (cutey) and I

Sham, Kak su and I :)

well, we had fun snapping pictures an i guess we will definitely miss the UPSI. the shaz, the sophie, the kak su, the bujang, the wan, abang irwan n gang, the shasha, the qayyum, the mun yoke, the zura, the nad, the yeen, the mus, zhenera , shela, and everyone lah (too may to mention) :)
good luck to all of u,and may u teach grammar well in school :p

mi amor

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