Sunday, 27 April 2008

nurul zahirah

gaya zahirah prepare to yawnnn

si comel zahirah tdo

salam pencinta Allah,

on 19th of April, permata kedua kesayangan along and kak long dilahirkan dgn selamat in Ipoh. Alhmdulillah and Subhanallah, she's so pretty and sempurna..
oh bestnya, now a have a pair of anak sedara :) mohd muzakkir and nurul zahirah. both are cuteand adorable :) mama and abah pun excited with their new cucu :)

dear Allah, i pray for ur blessings and in humbleness, as humble as can be, i pray for You to protect my new family member, and give her the best in her future, i hope that all of us contribute to remind her to love You, and stay with You. may she become a humble muslimah, a khalifatullah that beholds our Islam strong.

welcome to the world nurul zahirah!

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