Friday, 11 April 2008

a summary of 'the tanjong malim' adventure

teslians with a literature genius, mr sidik

salam :)

hye ppl. this is a summary of my/our tanjong malim adventure. i couldn't really find a word that describe the whole 2 years of this course (only here, of course). well, lemme find sum. ok, ok...

first word would be...'hectic'.
for some of us, it was really hectic especially us, the ppl without transport :P well, thanks eva for the rides to classes recently. sooo nice of you :) and we would definitely treat eva for the rides :) well, 'hectic' goes for the waiting and 'berebut-ing' for bus. i always get squashed, though i chose not to push. the funny part about pushing is, i need not walk. i just stay there, and the others (pushers) do the moving for me..and without realising, i got up the bus, thanks to the pushers. haha :P funny kan budak2 upsi? teachers to be, not lining up, and their hobby is pushing!

'hectic' could also describe assignments. too many, too lengthy, too many 'changes', too hard, too diffcult and not up to expectations, too easy, too demanding and too, too many more to say :)

second word would be...'funny'
why 'funny'? in terms of lecturers i guess. i've described about lecturers in some previous posts so, i dun think i need any elaboration here :P
'funny' ppl? could be..ahah..hehe..sumtimes, seeing the ppl ur weird of with lighten up ur day.tak tipu..true! well, this ppl makes the world go round and this ppl make up colorful homo sapiens :) i like!
third word would be..'kiasu'
well, i was really kiasu here. study group. best assignments. study! kiasu is the most suitable word for cohort two i guess. we were born with this and i think we will continue to develop our kiasus-ness and torture our beloved students. haha :P padanlah muka

fourth ... is... 'separation'
tell u guys the and unity was a lil bit different here, despite the fact that all of us live in the same floor. we were put into clans. i dunno which part went wrong and we dun see it coming. of course we were still the same as usual, but things change. we dun do what we normally do, together. it's sad. i hope this word 'seperation' would be erased when we reach sungai petani in July. i will make sure of it, and we would always be what we used to be. playing basketball togther would be a start! change back. gimme back my cohort 2~!!!!
fifth would be....'growing'
as a matter of fact, we never realised this. i am 23, and i have started talking about having children and being posted. soon, they will really seperate us~! i hope somebody write a book about cohort two. yes! a bildungsroman of the cohort 2.

we made history! we were the first ever teslian upsi, who staged for sidik's course. it's a staging. staginggggggg!~~~~ we were damned good actors/actresses. damn good. each and everyone of us. no one was left out. including shikin :)

well, as for me, i've accomplished two things withing two weeks. 1st for poetry recitation ZELC 08 and silver for doubles pingpong TEST 08. now that's what i call, achievement :)

there were also ocassions which i would really miss such as handling the Zaba english language campaign, the zoo negara adventure, the majlis tautan persahabatan..and soo many more :) i would always remember the ppl involved too :D
we took our photographs before leaving UPSI. everywhere. soo many :) as if we hadn't done it for a very looooong time. and yes, we will definitely miss this smoky place. we'll come back for graduation...but nothing will be the same again. we will grow and still change.

i just pray to Allah the Almighty, one and only, that no one will get hurt in the next phase of our journey, physically, and emotionally.
everything had been prepared well for us. we followed. wonder who would walk out of the teaching profession first? :) well, i bet we all do have dreams of our own, besides teaching :)

well, whatever ur dreams are, think big,dream big, and i wish all the best in the world and InsyaAllah, everything will be fine :)
one big happy family for 5 rocking years,
and will continue for the rest of our lives

Dear Allah SWT,

i pray that all my friends and i will continue to excel in whatever we do. and i hope for your blessings and protection to them, and all our beloved, and to You we seek for everything, through happy or sad times. and thanks, alhamdulillah, for making us meet, in this lovely world of Yours..

amin ya rabbal alamin

Salam :)


mat said...

teacher yg comel..
is it seperation or separation?..
which one is correct?

btw..i love this blog :D

Hannanika Chan said...

hik hik
it's separation :) i guess my fingers move faster than my min, logically :P

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