Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Coolest Advertisements finally =D

Salam everyone :)
It has been a looongg time really. Well actually, I do not have so much to say before. Well, writer's block la sgt~~

anyways, I am soooooo addicted to the Petronas ads on tv. They are the cutest Ads ever!~
especially the 'love of Tan Hong Ming' :P
I really admire the way the children talk and plus; their English is good (proud to be english sensei sumday).

The message is pretty clear isn't it? But how long will Tan Hong Ming realise that his 'fantasies' for Umi Qazrina (she's adorable!) will be over soon when they grow up? When they become rebellious? When they know how to swear and curse and even to be RACIST? I am not trying to be pessimist here, but come on ppl; this is the truth. and it is out there (i miss x-files)...
And how long that these children will stay best friends? yes of course BFF is very strong but like I say before, we cannot stop them from growing up, and unfortunately, we cannot stop them from having minds of their own.

Well, it would be fun to see that everybody acts like those children (note to myself oso). Innocent young peeps who will nvr judge a person by their race. 'what race? car race a?' <---(i like this one oso)..

Whatever it is, I feel so sad and frustrated thinking about what the future might be for our younger generations. They will develop a lot, rapidly and too, they will miss a lot, unfortunately. There are so many things that they should noe, and all the values of humankind will soon change. (I hope, for the better vice versa)

I hope things change in the future. Though it seems hard to do and easy to say, at least I hoped for the better.
And ppl, Racism is a no-no. Uncool. not at all!
I would hate myself for hating other people who does not share the same skin colour wif me!

and I think the government should give a chance for Malaysian to speak up. Well, I think u noe what I mean. Speaking up, peacefully so that there will be no jams in KL that i can go for my leisure and not stuck in the massive jam! well, gatherings are good, as long as u don't hurt ppl. ok?

whatever the situation is right now, we, can continue this prosperity we have. Well, you will nvr lose a thing if ur besfren is a chinese, indian or malay right? (my best friend when I was in primary school is Olivia Leong Huey Ling - a christian chinese - and we get along pretty well though - but we're bz wif university now and I miss her )

Pls just stay together, and even we are different, i noe we do care for each other. No matter what. And I will always be here and ready for you. Anything, just tell me ;)

Ok. that's all I guess. Think about it ppl :)
whack ur chest and ask ur heart~~LOL


Sunday, 9 December 2007

Futsal craze ;p

ini mamat2 keletihan berfutsal

gadis2 yang dtg
barulah gol & gincu ;p

2 hari berturut-turut futsal. the first day played, with mat's friend.. soo fun ;)
thanks guys XD I had a blast. Thanks to my mat for organising ;)

then the next night (last nite) is futsal cum reunion of comics ;)
that was fun oso! the girls i never see for such a long time turned up oso.
;p sume cute cute blaka ;)

well guys, thanks for coming. and thanks for keeping in touch ;)
COMICS ; u guys are the best
and thanks for believing in one another.
we are not together anymore, yet the bond is still as strong as ever ;)

Friendship that we never lose. I awe that night to see this happening and chaotic group.
to see the participation. to see your faces ;)
i awed.

Well, the teachers back should be really proud of us ;)
Class of 2002 ;P
U guys are da bomb!

hoping for this to last ;)

ciao guys ;)

Friday, 7 December 2007


about a boy ;)

salam ;)

ok let's make this simple to awe him XDXD

I knew Md. Zaini since 1998. Form 1. wow. that's long ;)
well, we were friends back then. normal friends. that's funny i guess.
and, we rarely bump into each other, nor we do talk often. (seriously i segan with this hunk ;p)
But I noe him for sure for his intelligence in Maths and passion for soccer. He's a genius in both fields, indeed.
And I really look up to him for those.
so; segan ; is the word ;p serious!!!

Well, after school we randomly chat through YM. (like i say. segan!)
Not until I told him I am moving to Ampang. very near to him ;p
Then, from there onwards, things started to get..well..bizarre i guess ;)
well, the positive bizarre i mean.
And for the first time ever,
Ym-ing is a total fun, starting that moment only, ending that moment only ;p

and now.
He is the one for me
He calls me every day
He remembers me every second (perasan)
He did the best for me
He hangs out with me XD
He goes shopping with me
He watches movies with me
He supports me
He advocates me to pray to Allah everyday
He plays futsal with me
He went back to hometown with me
He studies with me
He took care of me while I'm sick
He spent a whole day with me
He skates with me (though he nvr does ;p)
He lives a better happy love life
He's happy (i can see)
He loves me. full stop

I nvr want other person than him
I want to be there always when he calls
I want to remember him back every mili-second
I want to do the best for him oso
I nvr want to stop hanging out with him
I'll shop for him and with him (hehe)
I want to be there with him for every movie
I want to be the greatest motivator for him
I will pray to Allah everyday and remind him as well
I want to have a futsal field for my own to play with him (haha)
We'll go back to the same hometown in future ;p (get what i mean?)
I will study the best, with him
I'll make sure he nvr fall sick
I want to be by his side everyday
I'll skate with him ;p
I'll be the one one who makes his love life happier
I'm happy when he is
above all
I love him. full stop

that is all about this boy.
Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah


The Friends I used to know


Hello friends. or whoever. Strangers ;P
have you ever been friends for soo long to certain ppl, but somehow they turned out to be what u least wanted them to be? They were soo close to u at first that it really hurts when they say 'we can't be friends anymore. Sorry'. It's really painful, isn't it?

Well, I had a friend who is unwilling to continue the friendship with me. What should I do? I tried to text her but she nvr replied back. I just hope that the day will come and bring us back together. And I do hope i can tell her that I am sorry for all the misunderstandings and I hope we could be like before. well, that's pretty all.


that's really all about it ;)

Monday, 3 December 2007

nona's sis wedding ;)

It was fun to see nona especially. we hugged like more than 4 times ;)
i really do miss her.
and the guys are soo supportive and great to be with. thanks ustat for the ride.
and owh, panda oso.

after wedding off to karaoke. well, with my kebaya?
but i had a blast
i had fun ;) and moreover, mat's with me ;)
nyanyi until sore throat (the guys = not me)
haha ;p
it was fun meeting u guys. can't wait for another one ;)


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