Monday, 14 April 2008

glory glory man united :)

salam kpd semua khalifatullah :)

it's so boring at home (my bad, sape suruh tak bawak balik buku for study), i couldn't imagine staying home for two months (after the exams nanti). so i gotta work. phew. really2 gotta work.
oh yeah, tomorrow i'm going back to UPSI and start my study group. uuuuu...i like studying but this semester is a mess! especially grammar. i dunno what to study for grammar :( i'm so lost in his class too! adoi!

well, enuf of that already. huhu. what should i talk about er..uhm...owh yeah, yesterday ManU won against arsenal. soo happy :P
anyway, what's it with EPL that ppl are so crazy about? Jimi ckp anissss ja yg layan EPL ni..haha..really? but when there's any match sume berebut je depan tb..hehe :P
my bf pun tak layan sgt EPL kan? EUFA je konon.. but then again, kalau Bayern lawan same time ngn kelab2 gergasi EPL lawan, kene mengalah gak tb tu. kalo ade 2 tb pun tak best sebab sorg2..haha..tgk bola, kene ngn kawan2, br chare~ :P

hehe..oklah..what's so special about EPL eh? ermm..because they're white? or because they're Englishmen? or because they're good? hummm...i tak penah la kaji but then i really love watching them running on the field tunjuk skill..moreover kan, EPL je yg really been given lotsa highlights and opportunities untuk tayang kat tb..and they are given more coverage in the news :) that's why it's so popular..besides crazy fanatics ladies yg tergila2 kan mamat salleh ni tendang bola..handsome kot? (duhhh) haha

well, since i was standard three, my dad had injected my brain with EPL and manchester united. haha..seriously, it was fun u noe. MUFC official magazine was the first ever magazine i read. ok lah, second, after GILA-Gila..hehe..soo many copies of'em sampai penuh rumah dgn stacks tu. and my mama will be like 'adoi, abah korang ni suka tambah recycle paper kat umah' ..haha (i tak tau apa maksud recycle paper dulu2..buduh sket)..anyway, since then, i fancy Man U and Man U only. seriously, it was never because of Beckham. i became a fan even before beckham got in. I was a fan during the era kegemilangan of Eric Cantonna. haha..korang igt ker? :P

gambar erik cantonna kat muka depan tape vcr that my abah bought
they won the 93/94's season.

huhu..ada byk gile koleksi vcr and vcd kat umah on man u..maklumlah, my abah is a 'kipas susah mati' woo
well, i even dreamt of going to old trafford. i'll say 'abah, jum tgk erik cantonna. gi old trafford'..abah will juast laugh and said 'nanti ada duit kita g'..hehe..

anyway, football will always be the sport that is loved by everyone (is it an assumption?) for girls and boys, everywhere. and, i have started interest in the game by playing futsal :) jumlah bersukan kawan :) lgpun, bersukan tu kan ibadah :) and of course, merapatkan ukhuwwah. (tp play with girls only lah ye? baru lah muslimah sopan)
my bf plak mmg kaki bola, gila bola and terer main bola. and my family pun kalo ada match bola sanggup buat maggi bagi sume org bangun, dpt tgk bola ramai2..hehe :P
well, what can i say is football brings everyone together. sedapp je tgk bola smbil makan super ring :) and tambah2 dpt tgk with friends kan :) kedai mamak mesti meriah gile :)

p/s - nanti lepas kawen tgk ESPN kat umah ngn hubby :P bestnya. boleh kutuk2 bayern :P


salam :)


mat said...

well..nice blog :) i like the last part when u said that football brings everyone together..seriously its true :D even north korea and south korea yg ada krisis pun use football as a medium utk berdamai..hehe

Nurul said...

hehe :) that's the miracle of football :) and ur a miracle too, honey :D

mat said...


mi amor

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