Friday, 18 September 2009

for eid

this eid i got myself two stuff.

from sogo.

the first stuff is my very first, very own handbag. the previous handbags were borrowed from mama and i never stick to one. just thinking about handbags makes me...go...eeemmmph...seriously. i have zero cravings for handbags. yeah, i noe. but laptop bags would always make my eyes go wild. so here goes.
(my mum still said it looks ranggi for a teacher. i think it's just nice la. oversized a bit but i like it)

price tag. after less is only rm64.

and a sweet fragrance to smell really sweet during raya so that my relatives would gimme more duit raya or perhaps, they won't faint. trust me, i need this. my sweaty armpit is not friendly to people. (and i nvr forget my deodorant)

escada, incredible me 30 ml. RM15o

and as for baju raya? haha. i always don't have the guts to buy one, since i dun want my mum to spend money on me (this happenes every year). so i'll just wear my graduation baju kurung cotton (favorite) and thank god it's cotton, designed for malaysian raya.

and the last picture is not a shopaholic, but you can say i'm a real true original camwhore. this was taken before i went shopping and thanks mama and sis for having the patient to wait for me browsing thru the store.

anyways. (not that excited but boleh la) i wish u all eid mubarrak.


wanderfulmadnificent said...

brand ape your handbag? i still dun wear a handbag, i wear something like a tote sling bag. handbag not sure yet when.

happy eid mubarak! maaf zahir batin!

Hannanika Chan said...

brand BUM jer :P haha.i oso tak sure if i'll use it. i'll stick to my backpack i guess :P

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