Wednesday, 16 September 2009

some things

some things are hard to do.
i'm not a praiser kind of person.
i do not do compliments easily.
which is very sad because i hear compliments given to me always (not to say that i'm good but sometimes small things like my hijab looks nice to others)

i want to be able to say my compliments out loud. i could think about them like 'nice top' or 'great hair' or 'cool handbag'. They just couldn't be audible to anyone because my mouth seems hesitate to say it.

sigh. am i bad?
i'll try to give compliments, from today onwards.
it's so easy to praise my students but not my colleagues.
i guess, age does matter.
especially those my age.
egoistically speaking, i feel akward complimenting ppl my age. especially colleagues i only known for months.
it's also easy to compliment other bloggers, sometimes.
ego ego ego boost.
have to lower my ego now.

go praise, nani!

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