Thursday, 10 September 2009

dream big

i was truly inspired by a dance group called 'diversity'.
if you happened to go to, search for 'diversity' and i'm sure as a normal human being you will be impressed.
it's a dance group with more than 10 ppl in it aged 12-25.
some of 'em are still in school, university students, one it engineer, bathroom installer, telephone salesperson and etc.
diversity - geddit?

i love to watch dance movies

you got served.
hip hop hard.
save the last dance.
dance with me.
step up 1&2.
shall we dance.

but i have never imagined those steps in 'step up' really exist in real life. i mean, i know they exist but not that perfect, i guess.
that perception lasted until recently, i watched youtube
britain's got talent 2009.
and 'diversity' had proved me wrong.
there are such dance, such moves, intensity, perfect synchronization, wicked wicked choreography.
it's really wicked to watch.
when i watched all the 3 videos on youtube,
my mouth was like 'woah' and 'wow'.
eyes will go round and i wana watch it again and again.

i was inspired.
i was impressed.
and thus, it became one of my lesson.
i showed the videos to my students.
they gave a clap.
then the lesson went on with comprehension article about the group and excercises.

credit to 'diversity'
i'm sure you have inspired so many kids, adults, parents and teachers in the whole wide world.

dream big.
i wish i could tell that easily to my students.
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[z@ck] said...

amanda : "you nailed it!"

mmg gempak habis la dorg tu..tmbh2 da little specky afro tu..

Hannanika Chan said...

@zack : hehe. she's pretty kan?

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