Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bj Kurung Adv. #1. the end of six years

well, to start, here's a glimpse of what this adventure is all about.

yes. this adventure is about my convocation.
the end of six years, the beginning of many years ahead.
forget about the heat of the day (and we were wearing robes some more<---so manglish).
forget about the mortarboard that kept falling off my head before i went onto the stage.

nothing could ever describe how we felt.
yes, after a long six years
this is the outcome of us.
blue robes, pink muffler, mortar boards, families, friends, laughter, bouquets of flowers and teddys, smiles.

we did it.

guys, this was a very long adventure.
(and mostly i was in baju kurung :P)
the adventure worth going thru.
congratulations, cohort 2 and TESL UPSI.
to my beloved encik mat, thanks for sharing the big day wif me :)

and i dedicate this scroll to,

I love you~

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