Friday, 28 August 2009

Bj Kurung Adv #2 a brief life --- weddings~

have you heard of the poem, life's brief candle by Shakespeare?
it is about life.
how brief it is.
how short time passes.
how things are wayyyy different back then,
and the outcome of life is totally not what you ever imagined.

life is.
very very short.
very very brief.
now it's ramadhan.
i thought i just had my last ramadhan last month.
and how fast i am growing older. day by day.

just yesterday
we had this serious laughter in unit 5
and illegally we brought handphones when we were in form 2
and diyana was the culprit.
and she's the first of the closest friend to get married.

diyana and amet's wedding
perlis and kedah, somewhere in 2008

it seems like yesterday
i went to sue and farid's engagement
taking all the pictures
and now they are happily married for -/+ 4 months
and invited us to their lovely home
full with love

sue and farid's engagement
kota damansara, december 2008

sue & farid's wedding
slim river, april 2009

sue & farid's housewarming party
bukit jalil, may 2009

seems like it's just yesterday,
we had some totally out of the world's conversations
in dayah and bai's room
with the laughter from mars
and the very popular 'love sucks' motto from bai
and now she's married for a couple of months.
ahead of us

bai and hafiz's wedding
dewan mbsa shah alam, june 2009

it seems like just yesterday
ogy and i was in school
visiting each others classes
having fun
and zhafran was my classmate
and they are perfectly set. married

ogy and zhafran's wedding
sungai petani, july 2009

felt like it's just yesterday
nurul taught me all the mathematics equation i could not understand
and shared a bed with her after a long night of talking
andnow she's happy with her husband, abang talib.

nurul and syuhaimi's wedding
Ipoh, May 2009

like it's just yesterday
i went to hayyum's room when i was in form four
just to have a chat
and she dropped all the nail polish on the floor, too bad :P
and recently she got nikah with the 9 years bf,

hayyum and ikhwan's akad
penang, august 2009


macam baru semalam kan?
dan hari ini.
aku baru begini
(aku bukan nak kawen ngan camel tau, ini gambar sekadar menyatakan aku br je grad :P <--- sebab gambar ni besh and aku nampak comel sket, gambar lain aku nampak tak comel =p)

camel and i
upsi, august 2009

life's short!


Your Average Mat said...

ceh. aku ingat hang nak kawin ngan camel lak.

Mr Daha said...

Ha3.. COmelnyer kak nani. :P

Hm.. Terharu kan bila tgk kawan kita sorang2 kawin.. one day aku pn maybe cam tu. tgk kawan2 time sekolah dulu kawin one by one.. hu3..

cucidakikaki said...

sapekah yg last akan kawin???kte nantikn..

ustad yang humps some said...

ni isyarat kem perempuan kepada kem laki2.."bila hang nak masuk minang aku ni"

Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

haha..rasanya cam 2 la ustad..haha

indahkhabardarirupa said...

hahahha..bahaya tu mat..hg kne a prepare papa yg patut...

mi amor

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