Monday, 24 August 2009

the BK adv.


well, my blog has been a random blog since i created it back in 2007.
and the title was always the baju kurung adventure.
and from now on, to make a change (not a major one)
i'll post my entries about the BK adv.
well, of course i would accompany my entries with non-adventure entries such as poems, stuff bout bebudak (uf u read previous entry u noe what this is), and others.
the BK adv is just addition, very relevant towards the title of my blog.
so wait for my next adventure, starting today. (i'm going to upsi to get my real scroll and giving back the robes)

BK adventure will go through even small adventures, be it, shopping, pasar malam, travel back to langkawi, makan-makan, and many other tiny or big adventures i go thru.
hope this will be a good start for my career in writing :)

the baju kurung adventure.

mi amor

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