Tuesday, 3 November 2009

passion driven

told you
if i'm into something
i am
if i'm into someone
i am
if i'm into some days
i am

now i'm showing you something i am so into in
and with people i'm so into in
in the visual form

a futsal time out with 4sp students

passion driven is something you cannot control
like having the liking for avant-garde music and art
or even having to write little haikus the minute i get out of the class.

passion makes you drive
my passion is still at lost.
i have the most passion in sports.
second must be writing.
third would be music.

but am i doing the right thing now to drive my passion?
now, i cannot tell.
because satisfaction is still half way through.
need to do my masters degree, i guess.

i could tell that being with the teenagers could be a little tiny passion for the time being.
who else would play futsal in the middle of nowhere, pay for their drinks, say ok when they wanted me to be sporting and listen to the very pekat kedahan slang?
it's me

i'm afraid i have to leave this one fine day.

1 comment:

[z@ck] said...

me too..
teringin nak men futsal dekat tmpt mcm 2..sebelum ni bantai main dekat court IPSAH je..eheheh..

yeah..passion drives you..

mi amor

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