Saturday, 21 November 2009

this homey person

the days i went back home are always the best days in my life.
i have the urge of getting home early upon my arrival in klia or lcct
i dun want to take the shuttle to kl sentral and i took the expensive KLIA express instead
not cheap because it's RM35
yet i am willing to do it coz i wanna hurry home!
whan i arrived at home i felt something was wrong

then i realized. it's not the home
it's the people in it :(
mama and abah are fulfilling their haj
and there were only my sister and my bro.
oh, how i miss them

whatever la
all my prayers go to mama and abah and i hope they will perform the best and be blessed with 'haji mabrur'

(selit another story)
when i got on the erl i sat very near to three youths, 2 chinese and one indian guy
they chat loudly in english
telling all their experiences in beijing, and the great wall of china.
i enjoyed listening to them
and then i realised
i haven't been speaking english, literally (in chats)
the only English-es i use are when i was teaching.
and i realised that this could be bad for me.
no opportunity.
oh god.
it could have deteriorate the moment i get posted

dat's why i want reunion with my cohort 2
to be able to speak english
that's an addiction!

well, we'll see each other soon enuff, ok?

and to all my COMICS friends.
i'll be joining u guys for any movies now.
jum tgk karaoke? :)


[z@ck] said...

its good to b home right..
happy hols sis!

Hannanika Chan said...

@zack : thanks! u too. nanti g nz contact i tau :)

k3i said...

weeee... jom jom... tp 2012 pun tgk lg ni... huhu...

mi amor

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