Sunday, 22 November 2009

this bunch of people

this is the bunch of people whom i trust, love and miss.
i'll never turn you down :)

i post this picture
so you'll know
i have a family to watch over
and i know they are watching over me too
and so that
it won't be lost
if i reformat my laptop or something happen
unless the internet of the world just disabled

and to the effing damn ass who hates me so much
you know who you are
i dun effing need you
i have my family.


mamma mia! said...

sape yg dengki same akk? kasitahu sy! meh sy luku kepala dia! dush!

Nurul said...

ntah le sape. malas amik port. huhuuhu :) oih, best kn cuti? :P

mi amor

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