Thursday, 3 December 2009

movie marathon

my holiday was blessed with good and bad movies recently,
i know, movie preview in blog entries are boring so here is just a short one.
i guess many of you ppl have watched the movies.
so let me described those movies with my ratings, and very very brief description of how i felt about it.

too over the top, too long, too overwhelming,
too heroic (come on la, not even a scratch on him)
i don't like it
rate 1.5/5

edward fans would be dissapointed with new moon.
he's only there during the first and last part of the movie.
but, i was okay with it.
if you read the book, you know the book is better.
and, i think werewolves are much hotter than vampires.
(the pale make up is sooo cakey in this movie)
rate 3/5

watched this alone because i know it's not my friends' cuppatea
how was it?
it's positively slow, made me read btwn the lines and
it is realistic
simple, yet, full of meaning
heavy movie
rate 3.5/5

let's just say that this is my first time i screamed in a cinema
and everyone was
including the four of us
scary, eerie, sad, funny
i was always dissapointed with scary movies/horror/eerie genre
but this is wayyyy different!
seriously you guys have to watch this.
rate 4/5

i think that's all :)


wanderfulmadnificent said...

nani, of all your ratings, i would still wanna watch 2012 and because of the CGI and the surreal stuffs they serve in that movie, hehe altho i may be a tad l8. and i still wanna watch new moon not for the sake of any drooling guys but because i read the book. and edward is still overrated and jacob is ok if he had not pine so much for bella but hey, the book is as it is, i'm going to stick to being a harry potter fan :D

haha, saje mengomen :p
cu 2molo!!

k3i said...

haha.. ai dah tgk 2012 and obviously-phobia~ ai tak boleh tak setuju dgn rating... betol betol betol!

mi amor

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