Monday, 7 December 2009


i've watched Fahrenheit 9/11 a long time ago and it did struck me in the heart
and in 2007, the director, Michael Moore produced another baby, of the same genre which is Sicko.
it's a shame of me to only watch it just now (7th dec 2009).

Sicko strucked me harder in the ribs, the heart and the lungs.
and very rare to be struck like that in my lifetime.

message to shaz, fai, maddy, fynn jamal, wani ardy, sue, ejat, zack, akma, kema, encik mat, rissyafreen, mdm bebe, mr sidek... especially shaz, shaz. please watch this movie.
because i know we share the same thoughts.
and to whomever cares :)
and if you have watched it, you'll know what i mean :)


wanderfulmadnificent said...

yeah, my older bro has blog about this and i thought it was just medicine stuffs that would bore me but since you brought it up then why not i watch it, so ada dvd ke?

moss mess said...

which one is me? kema or akma?? hahaha.. jz curious~

now i got a cooler nick, y dun u use it? ,moss mess. cool isnt it? hahaha

Hannanika Chan said...

@maddy: takde. just watched it in hbo three days ago :)
@moss mess: iyolah cik mossy messy. hehehe. cool nick. btw, yg kamu tu kema :P

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