Wednesday, 11 November 2009

my mum told me

sorry, for the rage i had to vomit in my previous entry.
well, you know, some patience has degrees.
for the person i called sial#n, thousand apologies.
(although i know you would not understand this entry. hahaha. pity you.)

my mum told me that
if i want happiness in life.
i have to love what i do.
I am Loving It :)

when i got 2 days medical leave yesterday,
many of my students smsed me asking how i was doing.
the price of loving.

i love you guys too my beautiful students. thanks for the care.
truly, mama's right.
i'm loving what i do and i'm loving the people in what i do as well

p/s. kalau teacher ada duit tahun depan kita g borong kat pasar malam lagi yea? :)

love you, love you!

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