Monday, 5 October 2009

it made my day.

5th october, 2009. 1.38 am.
'tut' 'tut'. 1 message received.
from 017-*******

"salam. thank you coz support me to stdy again. you are the best teacher.. i really proud of u.. i promise to stdy hard and want to do something to you proud of me. jat"

i guess the last part of the sentences means he will do things that would make me proud.
lucky thing i was fast asleep at the moment.
or not, i'll wake up with burning eyes this morning.

some things made u proud to be what you are and to love what you do.
i'm glad i was given the chance to experience it.
and whatever challenges ahead so that i'll receive another similar message from them,
i'll go through them all.

it's not the part where they like you or appreciate you that made my day.
it's the part where they could change, to be a better person or to study harder
just because you tell them you care.

teachers out there, i hope you'll experience life as one :)
and this is life.

p/s i forgot to mention earlier, the boy who gave me the sms was given a last chance from the discipline teacher. if he creates another trouble again he'll be kicked out. and, he's the one who got beaten up like hell from the PK HEM. (my previous entry, check out do what?) may Allah SWT show him the path to success. God bless.


Anonymous said...


Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

see..kesabaran kamu dah menampakkan hasil :)

Your Average Mat said...

thats good. pure heart nye teaching ni. macam dalam cerpen lak. huhu.

Hannanika Chan said...

@ anonymous : tq :)
@ en mat : thanks b. hmmm. well, manusia mmg cepat mengalah.
@ mat : haha. pure nye heart aku. alhamdulillah boleh wat cerpen :)

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