Wednesday, 5 March 2008

i am a good student :p

i just got kicked out by my lecturer, komang. now i'm in the library! It's not my fault that i was late. There are no bus. helo!!~ can't u be a lil more concern about ur students? eeeeeee! first time kene halau~~~

Well, i dun give a damn. Just now we went to HEP to complain about the bus. the senget bus and the bus which almost tebalik and got us killed (exegerate plak), betul ape?

anyway, his class is ok to lepas. he will not be in for more than an hour pun. we know. kelas 3jam jadi 45 mins je. i nvr know how he got to be a lecturer!

well, it is nooooo goooood to hate the lecturer, but i don't. i just dont understand what he wants, why he wants us to redo and re-redo his assignments and we don't understand what GRAMMAR means to him. oh pls! i want our mdm Kway back!

well, btw, i'm using my new laptop to write this post :)
hehe..very cheap, yet cute laptop. and i'm glad to have this new baby now :p

the first picture from my webcam :) me n my beruang :P

ppl out there. if u wanna be a lecturer, plssss oh do pls check urself. dun make ur students suffer. i have 2 lecturers who toture me too much this semester. and ppl hate them. so, to not be hated, pls think again what u r doing to these unlucky innocent youths ;p



Wiz said...

Dearest Nani,

I truly understand your plight. Been there, done that, suffered those, tolerated these. But you know what? troublesome times like these make the journey to academic excellence worth the ride. These will be the stories shared and regaled with friends and family. Your cry of sorrow now will be the sheer joy of tmrw through reminiscence.

I was once a Teslian. I cry not for the troubles of yesterday, instead I weep for more.

Take care.

Hannanika Chan said...

kak wiz..thanks for the words of wisdom..inshaallah, i will try my best to overcome every good and ugly things, and i will keep them as treasures in living my life and i hope these things (even small) inspires me through my journey.. i noe that all the troubles i'd gone through will make me a better person, amin

kak wiz.. i am actually ur blog fan :) terharu sgt u left a comment here..geee... whee :P

Wiz said...

Wow I didnt know I have a fan! Thanks so much. It's nice to know that my junk inspires people. Thanks nani.

mi amor

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