Thursday, 7 February 2008

what if..

hye ppl :)
i am not feeling so good right now, but i still can write something :)
i went to klcc with my lovely beruang, and we had a great time. thanks b :)
petrosains is a headache, but i like ! it's fun whenever i am with him :)

here are my thoughts for the day.
- i think love is cool. but sumtimes i dun think so :( love makes me wonder so much. love makes me have these nasty thoughts. love makes me pk bukan2. love makes me cry :(

- i think i am not good in making ppl happy :( i dun want ppl around me (that i love) go away frm me. i'm afraid i bore them. i really am afraid that would drive u away :(

- i think i am self-centered. i think of myself only. i noe dat. but i really do think i am doing it for my own satisfaction. i'm following my heart. like what i have done for 22 years.

- i think there is something wrong. but i dunno what. i wish i knew.

- i think i need some time to rest.

- i think life is hard. i am not sure if i can make it :(

i am a thoughtful person, i guess. but, i always do it negatively :(
i am sorry. somebody, help me pls :(
help me :(


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