Monday, 10 March 2008

poetry recitation = my first time

It was the ZELC08 (Za'ba English Language Campaign 2008)
and actually, I was the coordinator for the English General Knowledge quiz..:)
it was fun torturing the contestants with the hardest questions on earth! best gila haha :p

well, that's ok la, but the shocking part was,i signed up for the Poetry recitation competition, becoz, guess what my college had to send three contestants but we only had two. so i said to eve, 'put my name in. i wanna try'. then she put it in and i decided to just recite the poem which i remembered (the only1) emii dickinson's.
truly,it was just for fun!
for fun...!

but shockingly, i won first prize! OMG..and alhamdulillah~
i was quite sure i was doing it for fun..well...
so i learnt sumting. 'the less,the better'
hehe if u noe what i mean..
things came unexpectedly, and i was happy for it

and, i got a big fat hamper, still too many, ada yg tak bukak lagi

haha ;)
I was happy, delighted and thanks to my friends for supporting me.i love u guys to the max. and thanks to my beruang, for ur love and faith for me :)

i love my spirit, and i love my friends, i love having fun!

salam :)

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mat said...

si comel yg sgt berbakat :)

mi amor

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