Tuesday, 20 May 2008

busy nya saya

bismillahirrahmanirrahim. salam.

wah.. lamanya i dun go online.. huhu..busy nya cik nani ni smpai i dun have time to even masak for org rumah i yang pun tak reti nak memasak..susah nya doing two works at a time; part timer (mcm full time je) kat klcc and being a housewife (yelah sgt), yelah, sape lagi yg nk uruskan umah, my mum's not in kl, yet.. and my sister .. tak bleh harap, besalah, the youngest always spoilt so kakak lah yg kene wat keje sume..huhu..
anyway, i'm ok, working in klcc is better than doing nuthing at home, selain cooking, laundry-ing, cuci tandas, sapu sampah, water the plants..kalau i'm not working, i would really bored to death..huhu..internet? boring..to much internet cause brain damage u noe..

my work place is really cool, the cool thing is everyone's there is good. all girls (alhamdulillah..go girl) so girl power jugaklah this store and my pay is ok la..setimpal with the workloads which are not really suppressing and tiring..the most difficult part was standing up, for more than five hours a day..sumtimes up to 12 hours, if my shift for the day is 10am-10pm..wah..mmg penat gle my leg..huhu..well, i can wear anything to work as long as it is black, blue black, or white..and i pakai jeans je everyday, and my sports shoes..huhu...comfortable gak lah..but i always have to change my socks everyday becoz i'm so afraid that it would get sooo busuk..huhu
in that store, i get to watch the latest movies and even listen to the cds that we want to.. everyone pun friendly and cheerful..and sporting..but i get bored watching national treasure 2 everyday..adoiiii..and the other tv is 'gone baby gone'..pun i got bored jugak..adoiii..the other tv is the game plan..huhu...takpelah..even though rasa boring tgk cerita tu berulang kali, i enjoy the work there, fun..and sum customers were very kool..and most of them are foreigners..everytime anyone comes in i'll go, 'hi..may i help you?'..sumtimes they speak so fast and pronunciation is totally different, i have to ask so many times..huhu..and also, i get to noe so many movies i haven't heard of..huhu.. and i also can borrow a max of 3 vcds a day..that is soo cool..
the only thing that i dun like is the carik pasal customers..i dun mind the customers who want my help but annoying customers can really put on your nerves tau..

ape2lah kn? yg penting i did my best for my job, cari rezeki yg halal..beribadah di bumi Allah yang indah ni..untuk kumpul ilmu dan pahala buat pedoman di akhirat.. :) harap2, Allah merestui lah pekerjaan aku ni..sebab tanpa restu-Nya, nothing matters anymore..

Ya Allah,
i seek for Your blessings in all my doings and my works, all my search for honour and tranquility in this humble world of Yours, and i seek for your blessings in my life, dunia and akhirah..amin

huhu..kumpul duit, nak beli kereta, nak beli umah, nak bagi mama abah..nak kawen..eheks

huhu :)
oklah friends..bubbye


Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

nak kawen?..huhu :p

Hannanika Chan said...

yeah :P why, u oso wana kawen a?

mi amor

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