Friday, 30 November 2007

Strangers ;)

salam ;)

how do you make friends?
do u go at random?
well, as far as i know, nothing in this world happen at random. (the 5 ppl u meet in heaven ;p)

Well, do you make friends with strangers? exempli gratia: The person who sit next to u in the bus on the way back to kampung. Do u make frens wif em? me? I do. I sumtimes make the first move. Sumtimes that person make the first move also. Well, start wif, 'Going back to hometown?' or 'Balik mana?'.. 'still studying?'.. all those lines are famous kan?

well, strangers are just family you have yet to come to know. Yes they are. Nobody knows. Today he may be a stranger to you, but the day after that he maybe is the most important person in your life. This is fate. FATE and face it ppl ;)

to other People, I may be a stranger too. Do realise that we are strangers as well. I became a hell of a stranger yesterday, when I went to Kuala Nerang. While everyone is greeting and 'salaming' each other, they always stop at me and said 'Ni sapa plak?' erk. I dunno what to answer. And then everyone will go 'yang tu tanya mat zaini'..
Well, my best to do is to SMILE ;). Hahaha. at first mmg weird but somehow i manage to become a stranger no more in the house ;)

Like my friends. we were strangers at first. Then we became the bestest friends that we cannot live without. Strangers are wonderful if we establish the relationship further, for a good purpose of course ;)

So, have the guts to get to know the strangers around you.
just be FRIENDly. that wouldn't hurt ;)

that's all I have to say guys
till next time.
ciao ;)


byekula said...

well..strangers practically are sumone u totally know nothing bout,is it eva possible for sumone u knew in d past be a stranger to u in d present??hehe...hope im no stranger to u..~peace~

Hannanika Chan said...

well maybe ;) he/she can be a total stranger (literary) if he/she ignores the relationship! ;) bye, ur nvr a stranger to me! xoxo

dayah said...


mi amor

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