Thursday, 29 November 2007

The Zoo negara adventure ;)

Well, it is an adventure for around 8 hours. And I thought that we would be doing this:-
1. Feed animals
2. Feed animals
3. Feed animals
4. Shower them

oklah, (dgn jahatnya) the least that i thought is about cleaning cages, sweeping daun and kutip samaph. And guess what, that was what we are assigned to!.. haha LOL. but actually those are what volunteers are supposed to do, cleaning sweeping etc. So, i put my 'feeding' thoughts away and have fun sweeping the 'fallen leaves' (cam lagu plak). I am soooo glad that i got very nice friendly ppl in my group;




all these ppl are sooo hilarious + funny + fun to be with. Aw. I had a blast ;)
first we complained (biasalah manusia kan). But then we actually had fun, teasing each other. We were supposed to clean the grass area behind the 'monkey bars'. haha ;P so, we got the chance to get to know the sweet sweet monkeys.

One of the monkey always put its hand outside the cage, like trying to grab us. so we 'marah' the monkey, and thought tht it wanted to kacau us or sumthing. definitely, our thinking cap were always put on the wrong side.
becoz suddenly we saw the zookeeper was rubbing the monkey's arm and we asked. 'what happened to him, broke his hand or sumthing?'. and the zoo keeper said 'taklah. dia suka dibelai. manja'.. and then we go like ' la ye ke? ingatkan dia nak kaco kitorg'..
guess what, after that we took turns rubbing its hand. (It's a 'he', btw) When I held his hand, he looked at me. And I see the sad face ;(. I couldn't really tell how he felt. But I can sense he thinks of freedom (erk, can they?)..ala..sian...;(

It took us hours holding and rubbing its hand. the zoo keeper told us that it got no name. So, we named him Malik. haha. lame name uh? But that's the 1st name we tot of, so i gues it suits him well (timie yg kasi actually).

then we get to jalan-jalan. but seriously penat! Actually we searched the whole zoo for tigers and lions. geramnya tak jumpa. we always ended up in the rusa are. where the guys would go 'anak rusa nani lalalala'...waa..there's a song with my name in it. kewl~

then at last! we get to see 'pacin' the tiger. haha. klakar name. siap sembur lagi kat kitorg haha (i mean kencing)

then we got to work again and everything is ok lah. and i get to put a python on my shoulder. yey ;p

above all, i actually found something else rather than having fun; great memories, and true friendship. erm, the abangs of semester seven are going away and it is sooo sad to get to know them better only at this point. those guys rock~
and we will always remember you. promise.

zoo negara was a program well done. congratulation to riss for making it happen
hope to see u guys in future.


mat said...

glad to see u r happy :)

Hannanika Chan said...

i am happy ;) especially when ur around ;p

mat said...


kamilah best said...

yeah, we had a blast kn nani?;p Yeah, we had soooooo much fun dat i heard rumours dat u were once dreaming bout the monks, btol ke cmtuh skali? ;p ne

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