Sunday, 25 November 2007

The 'frigate' other than books ;)

Emily Dickinson, hell yeah u're right. There is no frigate like a book. However, i beg to differ, i found a new frigate ;p not that I dun like ur poem (just becoz it came out for final paper recently), but i need to tell that i discovered a frigate that might be useful ;) sorry emily. rest in peace!

back to the point here, the frigate that i was talking about is;
movies ;p
you know, the one we see in the cinema and the ones we lined up like snakes and paying at least Rm7 ? ( gsc central square sungai petani hari rabu RM5 ;p )
exempli gratia : Beowoulf -----> What the hell is this? (I was supposed to know. my Minor is literature. shame on me ;( - well at least i know it before it is on screen) Well, cuiroius person would at least research for this, before seeing the movie of course (unless u just pick a movie to fill in the space). there u go, a knowledge of old english poetry! (it is believed to be the greatest creation in the middle years) a frigate found. Yeay ;)

exempli gratia 2: Apocalypto (did i spell this right?) ------> my first impression (seeing the dvd cover) nah..'not another god must be crazy?' but suprise suprise.. this story bring me to tears! and i really say it is worth watching it. there! another ship!

erk, i'll cont later ar. need to eat ;p

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i asked u...hungry or not???...u said no!!

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