Sunday, 25 November 2007

Of now and then ;)

recently I went to my COMICS batch gathering and that is the longest i've ever been to which is from 5.30 pm - 4.00 a.m. just imagine? I'm glad Lin ajak tdo umah. thanks Lin ;)
say, it's been sooo long since i see many of 'em. (like 3-4 years, that's long) seriuosly, everybody look almost the same as we were in PDRM. huhu ;) perangai pn lebih kurang same. sikit2 je berubah pn
anyway, i had a great bundle of fun that night and we watched my team M.U.'s victory.ahh ~ what a perfect timing kan anis? hehe..kan ustat?

when i got back to UPSI jimmie sent me a msg to add him on YM and that is the sweetest thing about gathering; keeping in touch. and he added 'semalam memang gile ;)' yup that night memang gila
just imagine, kitorang talk about our form one till form 5 attributes and kisah terlampau (all the while) which is very funny!..we come out with all the gossips and scandals and sooooooo many things that made us laugh our heart out!friends, it's been a long time since i had those laughs and heard your laughs..and thinking back about it; tears ;(
seriously, i am longing for the memories to derive back and i want to see all those things we did together, back, i want it to stuck in my head forever!

there were so many things that we did together. and for years to come i am glad that we will still have each other;)

siap naik eye on mesia (jimmie takpnah naik, so it's his idea, kitorg kesian, maka ktorang pn bersetuju) lg!
and so great to be in it and talk about things and stuff and teasing chayna ;p..chayna gayat. keras dia dalam menatang tu..hehe
then one by one some of the friends arrive. mat pinky due. huhu ;) thanks mat 4 coming. sian dia ngtuk pn dtg ;p
and the conclusion of the gathering is;
can't wait for another one!

tgk balik gambar2then remember back all those conversations we had
reminiscing all the faces involved
hearing the laughters (kitorg sampai sakit rahang; especially anis)
we talked and talked, and i am so proud that my friends doesn't care about gender
girls and boys are alike, and we can join in any conversation
lepak together
this family, the COMICS family, is forever ;)
that night berlalu dgn lambat jg sebenarnyaand although it is so, i still want it to last forever ;)
this circle of life is never complete without you
thanks for touching my life and let me touch yoursthanks thanks thanks

no canvas is enough for me to write my thanks to u guys
like diamond, u guys are more precious
the sentimental me


weirdo said...

copy paste nmpks!!!

mat said...

i think i've read this somewhere :p

Hannanika Chan said...

di copy paste sebab nampak seda dan menyelerakan ayatnya ;p

weirdo said...

owh..nmpknyer sdh ade new reader!

weirdo said... moe thing.
to mat: nape xle bkk ur blog? prvte kah?? :p

weirdo said...

oooo...lg satu! maap andai komen ku ini menyemakkan.
nani, better u change setting kat bagian comment...xperlulah tiap kali gue mau mengomen, gue harus buh verification...sgt menyampahkan kerna mataku rabun...

mat said...


to kema : ekceli im not really into dis..i mean tulis2 blog ni lah..but i enjoy reading others' blog :p

mi amor

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