Thursday, 29 November 2007

B-e-a-u-tifool :P

Salam ;)

Beautiful. pretty. cantik. comel. ayu. kacak. segak. indah. cute.

All these are adjectives for? ; physical attributes (commonly).
I do really wonder how a person truly judge another person. well, the saying goes 'there is more than meet the eyes'; which is 100% correct ;)

How do you feel, when sumone, (from opposite sex) tell you that you are comel? ok, in my experience i had mixed feelings. Here are some ;

  1. erk, really? i tot i am the only one who realised it so far. (hahaha perasan);
  2. erk. tipu. u tipu! liar?! You just said it to make me smile. or happy. I am fatty bom-bom (kejam kan I?)
  3. Oh really? which part is comel? (LOL)
  4. Comel? inside or outside?
  5. You want me to buy u lunch eh? (duhh)
  6. well, thank you. that is so nice of you for noticing.
there. This is honesty tau. (sorry if it's not appropriate). But the main point that i want to highlight here is, which counts? the inner beauty? or the facade?

my other half use to tell me. "Syg comel". And i'll be "ish, dun say that. I ain't". I'll accept that fact after he 'force' me to. Oh well. It is simple isn't it? Okok, I felt proud a bit la. But, the guilt is, does he see me from the inside as well? What if I am really ugly-ugly like totally messed up, But i have a wonderful heart? Would he love me as much as I am rite now? (not to say that I am pretty la duhh)..

I felt really relieved when he said, "sayang, i terpikat with your inner beauty actually".
girls, try this. ask ur bf the same thing. which one do u prefer. He praise u for your inner beauty, or for ur physical beauty. try. do try.. I felt much better and i prefered the second praise. Because I want to prove that I am a person who is good for something. well proving is hard. impressing is harder. Well, I do it for self-satisfaction. Just me. And my world.

I know I ain't beautiful in the inside either. But at least I am trying to prove it. Right? ;)

This is a reminder to all girls. ladies. Physical isn't everything. I've lived 22 years to realise that. And as i am Maturing enuff to happen to know about it, believe me, it's worth it. (to see the inner beauty). well, u won't lose a thing for doing so. haha ;p

Mat Zaini said "It's common when ppl go for pretty-ness and beauty-ness. That's human. Lumrah". I agree with him. Well, 1st impression is always judged by looks and appearance and we never realise that there's more than that. way further than what we can imagine..wayyy further ppl.. ;) And never judge a person by his family background or his family or his financial income or whatever. judge a person for his SELF. Judge him for HIM. (note to myself oso)

so, think on ur feet darlings~
and mat, (+ gol & gincu) thanks for opening my eyes ;)
appreciate that ;p
a lot.

till next time. ciao ;)


mat said...

speechless :p
nway..dun wori si comel..
u dun need to prove me anything :) i think i noe u very2 well :)
but remember one thing syg..
ur kecomelan isnt the reason y i luv u :p
like u said..'there's more than meet the eyes' :p

Hannanika Chan said...

well ;) like i tell u, the physical thing is just a bonus ;)

weirdo said...

auwww...sho shweetlah ini kapel!

Hannanika Chan said...

where kapel? pandai je kema ;p

dayah said...


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