Tuesday, 25 May 2010

congratulations my boy

remember about me training track and field athletics in MSSD selesai, MSSK pulak ? well, the entry i told that
and takmau mssm kan?
well, we had MSSM coz one of my brilliant boy, Muhammad Faiz got it through, won a Gold and a Silver medal for the state, and he got to represent Kedah for 800m and 4x400m.

and he went all the way to Johor to run and run as fast as he could.
and he won a gangsa 4x400 for kedah. Alhamdulillah.
that's quite and achievement!
as coach, and manager (chewah) i was so proud of him.
unfortunately i was not there to witness him because, the state couldn't send sum teachers due to budget constraint.
from far, i prayed for him and alhamdulillah he made it this far.

congrats my boy.
make me proud again next year ok?

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