Tuesday, 14 December 2010

wedding shoes

salam gorgeous people :). shoes. i don't really fancy shoes nor heels nor stilettos. I wear my very makcik clarks to school. Previously I wore crocs but my guru kanan 'tegur' coz the shoes were not appropriate. my bad :). and now i still prefer those kinda shoes. Plus, it's really hard to find my size. I have big feet. ehem ehem. sila terkejut. Aimma size 9. UK size 9. seriously. macam laki kan? my feet is as big as mr f's. aimma big foot. catch me and put me in the zoo.

however, I don't want to be caught wearing crocs or makcik clarks for my wedding. no no. biggy no. Mau kene bebel dengan the entire kerabat aunty segala. If can, I would, you know. hmm. so Finding a shoe is...errghh..... but i have the colour in mind. gonna use 1 nice comfy shoe for all 3 events. jimats :).
here's the colour. what I have in mind :)

I love the fuchsia pink statement! it's gonna stand out, contrasting with my off-white akad's attire, my plum outfit and the silver/blue dress for bertandang. you think I can pull this off? I dunno. But I've seen lots of examples where brides go for contrast wedding shoes. here are some examples :)

cool kan? :).


Arysha Ismael said...

yg number 3 paling comeyyyyyyyyy..suka suka suka

wanderfulmadnificent said...

i think its a great idea to wear bright coloured shoes with white or off-white esp as fuchsia pink really makes a pwetty statement indeed! and you would probably be the first to match it with plum and silver/blue :p

but i totally agree with matching fuchsia pink with off-white nani chan! and fuchsia pink bouquet of flowers too! whee!

Buluh Merindu said...

i setuju!!! yg nombor 3 ittew!
nok, mak suka!!! sila laaa pakai...

mi amor

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