Wednesday, 18 May 2011

you have made a difference, miss Nani

i missed the teacher's day celebration this year, i was back in ampang while my students were here in Langkawi. Now I'm back, rocking the school (like yeah). The students were frequently asking why I wasn't in school and wishing from afar. technologies these days. sometimes it makes you happy and sometimes it's just annoying. yet, I cannot live without it.
Being a teacher is a tough job. We often get offended when people say it's the last option for some fella. But so what, that's what made it so special.
"One who cannot do, teach" is so overrated.
I admit I cannot do. teachers aren't losers.
they are angels.
they made a difference.
one child at a time.
we touch hearts.
we change lives.
we create hopes.
we put on funny jokes.
we make children smile.

happy teacher's day, miss Nani. and to all those out there. continue this lovely journey. and go on make more differences along the way :)

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