Tuesday, 22 July 2008

i love my students!


hey all. i gotta tell you sumting. i'm a teacher. i taught. omg. i already taught :) and surprisingly, i like it, very much, to the bits. oooe..

my practical at SMK Labu Besar Kulim was something really alien to me. it's a very kampung-i place and i would describe it as, kampungly. there is only one cc, which we found in the very heart of the kampung, and one mini market. and everything else is trees and oil palm plantations. phew. i thought that this was one big challenge for me. and it is. huu

my students? i got 2 form two classes. 2s1 and 2L1. and they are the cutest creatures ever! they are very cute that i tak sampai hati wanna be garang! but to my surprise...i managed to be one firece lion for the 2L1 class because that is the 2nd weakest class and they are very stubborn. I need not be garang with my 2S1 students becoz they are the most well behaved students i've ever met, and it is the smartest class in form 2. wow.. a contrasting phenomenon but i always know that this will make me a better teacher. if i want to teach only the good students, then i will not become wise as i grow.

but both classes i like in many and different ways :) and seeing their happy and cute and hoping faces made me really touched to have been assigned to this lovely school. although they do not have internet here, i dun think that is yet to be essential in my teaching carrier.

my students always ask me, 'teacher2, meh saya tolong angkat barang?' and i would say, it's okay. no need. because it is not their duty. but sometimes when i have boxes, they will help me, of course :)

anyway, kids are real gifts from Allah and i Thank Allah, Alhamdulillah for opening my heart to pursue a teaching carrier. my cute students says it all :)

today my students said 'lawa baju teacher..' and i went blushing..haha..some small appreciations made me sooo happy already :D

that day another students said 'teacher tak garang'..then i suddenly changed into a lion. for the first time ever, the class became very silent, and all eyes were on me. i felt terrified, knowing they were waiting for me to start and speak. Great. i became a lion already..huhu..

anyway, i will try to update my experiences here, with my cute students. and i bet that there will be more stories to come for me to share with you out there :)

salam :D

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