Friday, 1 August 2008

teacher nani :)

hari julang cemerlang 2008

fruit feast SMKLB

the bday party for hostel students

the hostel boys playing 'toi' happily =)

bismillah, salam

'teacher, teacher, u look very pretty and cute today'
'teacher, dah married ke?'
'teacher, lawa baju!'
'teacher, what is phone number you?'

'teacher comel!'
'teacher dah ada pakwe ke?'
'teacher ada adik perempuan tak?'
'hye teacher, assalamualaikum teacher'
'teacher!!! i love you!'

those up there were the things i hear everyday frm my students. i am nvr tired of hearing anything from my students. they are sooo cute plus, they behave so well that i am very fond of these little creatures :)
many of them want my phone number but i told them that i'm gonna give it to them when i take off in october. i told them that teacher will be seeing your faces everyday sayang, so, no need to have my number right now ;)
the girls are adorable and whenever i pass 2L1 i can hear some girls shouting, "teacher! I love you!" i always give a peace to them and say "I love u too".
owhh...i now i would be really sad if i leave the school, and now is only my third week here :( therefore, i do all my work (passionately i hope) so that i will forget that one fine day,i would have to leave this wonderful students for good.sob sob :(

anyway, i get to be the referee for bola jaring tournament between our school hostel team and the SMK Bakai hostel team. sadly, we lost :P the boys said "teacher, rasuah eh?" hehe..cute! btw, our skul lost the football, and handball female and also marhaban, but we won the nasyid, and handball male. no matter who won, i had fun :)

The scenery of the kampung Labu Besar has really made me think that i am here to help my kampung students to learn english, and i am so thankful to be here :) my students always bring lotsa manggis for us cuz they noe dat maddy and i will go crazy over manggis :P

i had lotsa fun so far, my students, although very naughty, they are hardworking and adorable. they obey me, and they always laugh to my jokes, and make jokes as well, which are sometimes very funny that i laugh to the max :) and, i really thought that facial expression is soo important becuase, they'll understand better :) sumtimes i do that merajuk face and the students especially boys will come to my table and ask whether i merajuk :P haha.kesian pulak :P

well..i couldn't wait to enter their class, both classes, as they are the most wonderful children i've ever met and i will nvr take them for granted.Insyaallah..

till next time :)
ciao :P


lehrerin said...

dpt mkn manggis free!!
x aci!!
erm...wat la lesson plan tu bguz2 ya??

Lekays said...

nani, check out my blog, i've given you an award! don't forget to pass it around..

K0_E said...

jeles mat dgr....

nurul said...

bestnay jd cegu..

mi amor

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